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Red flagging liberty: The true purpose of gun confiscation swatting



‘Red flag’ Gun confiscation swatting will set-up half the country as 2nd class citizens and will end up in disaster.

When Eric ‘Nukem’ Swalwell recently threatened the unalienable human rights of Ben Shapiro, it was the perfect example of why these unconstitutional abominations need to be banished from civil society. After all, even the ACLU is objecting to some of these extreme infringements on liberty.

It wasn’t just the overzealous exploitation of the authoritarian socialist left’s newest weapon against liberty in Florida with people being deprived of their unalienable human rights at a rate of 5 times a day. It’s that the true purpose of these laws is to suppress liberty in the form of free-speech is beginning to emerge. Never mind that there are laws already on the books to handle the supposed ‘serious crisis’ in our midst.

A new video from the Liberty Doll is a great exposition on how these laws are an extreme danger to the cause of liberty. It details how someone merely expressing an opinion online was set upon by an authoritarian leftist through the good offices of the local law enforcement “Threat Assessment Unit” in full tactical gear, a hair’s breath away from a full-fledged ‘red flag’ gun confiscation raid.

Second-class citizens – in more ways than one.

Let’s take a second and marvel at how fate has juxtaposed the enumeration of the unalienable human right of self-preservation with a term that means ‘A person belonging to a social or political group whose rights and opportunities are inferior to those of the dominant group in a society.’ Because the new laws the left would like to impose on the nation are certainly setting this in stone.

All citizens of this great nation used to have the basic Constitutional civil liberties, the right of due process, the right to self-preservation and of course, freedom of speech to name a few. Now with so-called ‘red flag’ gun confiscation ‘swatting’ laws on the books in some states, these are no longer guaranteed to some citizens. It is not without some irony that proponents of the 2nd amendment are now 2nd class citizens in these states. Consider these additional examples whereby ‘wrongthink’ will mean the loss of someone’s unalienable human rights:

Everyone used to be able to freely express their opinion, but now we have a growing list of instances where the threat of a ‘red flag’ raid at 4:00 AM could be the response to certain ‘unpopular’ opinions.

Everyone used to have the right of due process, accompanied with the presumption of innocence. Whereby punishment for a crime would be meted out only after an accusation and fair trial with the constitutional confrontation of witnesses. Now we have numerous cases of innocent people being punished without ever committing a crime. Then there was the case in Maryland, of the ultimate punishment being meted out for an innocent man.

Coincidentally we have the increasingly absurd circumstance of authoritarian leftists wanting to shield gang members from these measures. In effect, leftists are elevating criminals above the innocent.

In many ways, this issue highlights the sheer hypocrisy and lack of moral grounding of those of the ‘social justice warrior’ [SJW] ilk. While they claim to be working ever so hard for fairness and equality, these laws show that their efforts are having the opposite effect.

‘Red Flag’ laws are steeped in deception.

Deception, double-dealing and duplicity are always prime indicators that there is something seriously wrong with a specific cause, especially if it being promulgated by the national socialist left. This began with the variability in description of the actions of these laws. Usually they are described as ‘temporarily’ removing access to guns by those in ‘crisis’ [whatever that means]. With emphasis on the ‘temporary’ aspect as well as deliberate vagueness in the criteria for bringing in a tactical team in the middle of the night.

Whether or not these unconstitutional abominations were meant to suppress freedom of speech and other unalienable human rights doesn’t really matter in the long run. That will be the effect over time, relegating Second Amendment supporters to the status of second class citizens. That is reason enough to vehemently oppose these laws.

The Bottom-line.

There was a reason the chekists settled on using mental health as a cudgel against dissidents in the later years of the USSR. It’s relatively easy to use this to subjugate the political enemies of socialism. It should be no surprise that the same type of collectivist mindset would come up with the same type of ‘solution’ to the liberty problem.

The national socialist left obsesses over gun confiscation, those denying this obvious fact are boldly lying. They would prefer to simply demand that everyone turn them in, collecting their tears as one liberty grabber once mused. Failing that, they will to go about the task, one gun owner at a time, exploiting tragedy to push along the process whenever they can. Lowering the bar for what can be used to justify these unconstitutional gun confiscations while opening up who can call in these strikes against liberty.

It should be patently obvious that setting up half the country as 2nd class citizens will only end in disaster. It is divisiveness in the extreme and something to be averted if the nation is to stay in one piece.

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