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Peter Ticktin: I don’t know if anyone knows Donald J. Trump as I know him



It all goes way back to New York Military Academy. Before Donald Trump or I joined the Corps of Cadets, we were each the kind of kid who didn’t care to color between the lines. In that time, there was an expression which fit our ways: “Rules are made to be broken.” There was actually an old saying of these words. For me, I was a bother for constantly acting out in my junior-high school. For Donald, he had a bit of the “No one’s going to tell me what to do!” problem. I didn’t know him then, but I’ve been told.

Once we were in New York Military Academy, we were two boys with our rebellious wills waiting to be broken. That is what they did to us. They broke us like cowboys break horses. New guy rules were difficult. They were constant, and they never ended. We learned to draw between the lines. If we didn’t, we got dressed down, possibly corporally, for going over a line, and we learned quickly to watch the rules. Frankly, we lost all desire to break them. If touching a wire shocks, you, you learn to stop touching it, and you would never go near a third rail.

Not only were we conditioned negatively, but even more effectively, we were conditioned positively. Once we started to succeed in getting rank, our lives became brighter than they ever were before, while we were misbehavers.

This was a life changing transformation for each of us. It is now a part of Donald Trump, to not break the law. In fact, this is why he was disgusted and ‘fired’ a Celebrity Apprentice contestant when he learned of her DUI. Most people are fundamentally honest, but some get a kick out of doing wrong things, while many yield to temptation, and many, like Donald Trump, just are not interested in doing the wrong things.

I’m not saying that neither of us ever did anything inappropriate again for the rest of our lives. The point is that we did not break important bright line rules, such as those which make up our criminal statutes. To break criminal laws would be like touching the third rail in the subway for him.

Donald Trump is simply clean this way. He doesn’t need to have a hidden computer, to delete disks, or to cover any crimes. Yes, some unfortunates around him are getting caught due to their weaknesses, but Donald Trump is the same guy I know from New York Military Academy. He just doesn’t waste his time playing stupid games going beyond the line of legality. To Donald Trump, this is fundamental. Then, when he became rich, he especially had no need to bend rules. There was no temptation or need.

There is nothing wrong with Donald Trump. Unfortunately for the criminals in the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, and the Clintons, this is what they failed to realize.

In the words of George Bernard Shaw: “The punishment of a liar is not in the least that he cannot be believed, but rather, that he cannot believe others.” The reason that this is so true, is because we all see the world through our own prisms. A liar thinks that everyone lies.

So, taking Mr. Comey as an example, he was able to achieve a top position in the FBI. When he went to private industry, he was able to rationalize having his friend (Mueller) do you some favors so that he end up with $6.1 Million as a reward for his influence. It is natural that he figured that others think like he does, and like his friends do. He figures that Donald Trump is dirty as he is, because he sees the world though his own prism.

So, these people figured that even if Donald Trump were to be elected, they would find the criminal acts he committed. They knew that they would collude with Russia, as they did, so they knew that Donald Trump probably would, too. They not only figured this, but they knew it to be true. They didn’t need proof, as they could not be so wrong about someone. They just went forward, knowing that Donald Trump was of the same weaknesses that they were. It did not matter to them if they went over any lines. After all, Donald Trump’s crimes would outshine and dwarf any of theirs.

They made just one mistake. They thought that Donald Trump was like they were. They really thought that they would find collusion. They thought that they could prove all kinds of crimes. They just did not know that Donald Trump is too straight to be crooked.

Now, after a couple of years, and no collusion, no crimes, they need to invent a crime, and all they have is something which could cause impeachment if the Democrats gain the House. They cannot get removal out of the Senate, so the most that these crooks have is nothing. Donald Trump is going to remain in power, and the truth is going to come out as to the whole bunch of criminal conspirators who need to (but can’t) remove Donald Trump from office.

All this because they assumed the evil in themselves must be in Donald Trump, too. They assumed evil which just was never there in the first place.

About Peter Ticktin

Peter Ticktin attended and graduated from New York Military Academy in 1964. He was in the same senior class as Donald Trump. In fact, they lived in the same section of the barracks. When Donald Trump was the captain of Company A, he promoted Mr. Ticktin to the rank of platoon Sergeant of the 1st Platoon, and the 2 worked hand in hand through most of their senior year, together. They have known each other through life.

Mr. Ticktin is a court room lawyer in South Florida, though he has handled cases in many states in both the state systems and the federal courts. As a law student, he received a major scholarship, graduated cum laude, and was elected into the Order of the Coif (U.S. law school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa Key), and ultimately scored sufficiently high on his Bar Exams that the course he took refer to him and his score in its advertising.

Since his admission to The Florida Bar in 1991, Mr. Ticktin has lead the fight in regard to HIV litigation in the early 1990’s and has been a champion for the little guy and gal, against discrimination, and for small business, throughout. Lately, he was the one who unearthed the robo-signers in the mortgage foreclosure field, providing all the states attorney generals with what they needed to win a $30 Billion settlement with the banks.

In his general experience, Mr. Ticktin has been a farmer, a builder, and at one time owned and operated small heavy equipment. He was the CEO of a small public company, The Pony Express, and to this day, he puts the emphasis on “Business” in the category of Business Law for his clients. Of all this, his passion is in running The Global Warming Foundation, where his views are remarkably consistent with the economic doctrines of Donald Trump. He maintains that global warming is real, and that there is a need for America to now prosper, so that we can deal with this problem, not just by reducing use of fossil fuels, but by geo-engineering, hence a need for a space force.

Mr. Ticktin’s practice is centered on representing individuals and businesses with creative approaches to achieve the most pragmatically sensible results.

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