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No, Mick Mulvaney didn’t admit to quid pro quo over Biden investigation



Mick Mulvaney Quid Pro Quo

When Democrats investigated the 2016 election through the Russia probe and subsequent Congressional witch hunts, there was no bellyaching from the left about it. The same must hold true for the White House investigating 2016 as well. This isn’t just about fairness. It’s about the White House doing its job to uncover corruption from foreign governments attempting to subvert the will of the American people during elections.

It’s important to understand this when we discuss the big news of the day, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney “admitting” to quid pro quo with Ukraine in a way that impacts the impeachment inquiry. When I read the initial reports, I assumed from the reporting that Mulvaney acknowledged there was an expectation of quid pro quo from the Trump administration in which they withheld military aid to Ukraine unless they reopened the investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden. Then, I watched the statement by Mulvaney and could only shake my head over the conflation by Democrats and mainstream media trying to confuse Americans in hopes that we’re all that stupid and gullible.

Judging by many reactions on social media, it appears they are correct. Many really are incapable of thinking for themselves.

Watch the video for yourself and see if Mulvaney really admitted Ukraine aid money was held up until they investigated the topics of the impeachment inquiry, Joe and Hunter Biden:

Let’s get one thing straight: The impeachment inquiry alleges President Trump used political power to solicit assistance against a reelection opponent. The quid pro quo the Democrats are trying to prove is about Biden and Biden alone. What Mulvaney referenced is the ongoing investigation into 2016 election corruption, in which quid pro quo is not only acceptable but necessary at times. As he said, “get over it.” We do it all the time. President Trump does it. President Obama did it. Every President in our history has, by the very nature of their job, utilized quid pro quo in negotiations with foreign powers. Without quid pro quo, negotiations cannot happen.

Investigating 2016 election corruption and investigating Joe and Hunter Biden are two separate situations. Mulvaney was referring to the former at his press conference. There was no quid pro quo over Biden, and everything we know from the secret meetings House Democrats are having reinforces this fact. Democrats have painted themselves into a corner by making this impeachment inquiry about the Emoluments Clause which brings all of the focus on the accusation that President Trump was soliciting foreign help for his upcoming election in exchange for aid. Mulvaney clearly indicated the quid pro quo was regarding the 2016 election corruption investigation which has absolutely nothing to do with the Emoluments Clause.

Therefore, it’s an outright lie to say Mulvaney just “busted” the President, as so many “news” reports are indicating. Friends, this is why we often push for donations to this site. There is evil afoot within mainstream media that can only be stopped by truthful news outlets like NOQ Report. We can expose the truth, but we need financial assistance to disseminate it to the masses.

Democrats and the media are saying, “OMG HE ADMITTED IT! WE GOT HIM! LOLOLOLOL!” They hear what they want to hear and conflate facts to match their agenda. There was no quid pro quo over Biden. Their impeachment narrative is false.

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