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Democrats serve word salad in their search for a message that sounds good



Democrats serve word salad in their search for a message that sounds good

Last evening, Bret Baier commented that some of Joe Biden’s answers were “word salad.” Sleepy Joe’s malapropisms have been well known for some time, and probably suggest an on-going mental difficulty. None of us would readily suggest that his slips represent a more serious problem, such as schizophrenia, which is known for word salad.

But that brings to mind a key element of schizophrenia, and for that matter, many psychoses. We know someone is psychotic when they have a serious defect in reality testing. And while we do not expect careful scientific accuracy from politicians, who are, after all, non-player characters, their failure to demonstrate any connection between their verbal assaults and fact is telling.

At the Democrat freak-out – oops, debate – we heard from Kamala Harris that President Trump “committed crimes in plain sight.” This recitation from Adam Full-of Schiff is telling. He kept that lie up as his talking point for two years, not even relinquishing it when the Mueller Report failed to identify a single crime. If there were actually crimes, why is no lefty politician listing them? Is this comment simply a sound bite echoing in a brain that is empty of original thoughts?

Elizabeth Warren declared that Robert Mueller found Donald Trump guilty of obstructing justice. Granted, this is the now discarded impeachment “foundation,” but that has always been a verbalization without cognition. Mueller’s report explicitly stated that they did not find the President had obstructed, and the Attorney General issued the final finding of “no crime.”

Julian Castro gladly charged the President with “caging kids.” Of course, all he had were the photos of a program begun under President Obama. Since that was in his back yard, one might hope that he was aware of the facts, but apparently not.

And Mayor Pete announced that Trump has made our soldiers “ashamed” by taking away their honor. While one spec-ops soldier has made a comment that might support that position, most have been profoundly in support of our President.

What does this word salad add up to? The casual observer might suggest that this is politics as usual. Politicians make up whatever they want, throw it against the wall, and see if anything sticks. Then they pile on to declare that whatever their audience found satisfying is what they’ve believed all along. In other words, they are definitely sociopaths functioning as non-player characters. At worst, they have neither true beliefs nor reality testing abilities. They are mindless echo chambers spewing word salad in the hope that it will yield votes, and thereby power.

Donald Trump may have a rough style, but his “Promises Made, Promises Kept” approach shows that he does in fact operate from a well-defined set of core beliefs. He truly wants to MAGA, in contrast to his opponents who work to enhance their own positions. And this drives the hatred of him in both the Never-Trump and Democrat camps. They never had the American people in view as anything other than a way to maintain power.

Maybe that’s why Donald Trump has such strong support in the Republican Party, and growing support across all but the radical Left. He may have a less-than-polished delivery, but he’s real. That’s all we’ve been looking for.

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