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CNN insider Cary Poarch reaches GoFundMe goal as Project Veritas scores big for the truth



CNN insider Cary Poarch reaches GoFundMe goal as Project Veritas scores big for the truth

When CNN insider Cary Poarch helped Project Veritas reveal the truth of anti-Trump and pro-Democrat bias at the news network, he had been inspired by the Facebook whistleblower from earlier this year. Now, Poarch himself has become an inspiration for others to reveal the truth after his GoFundMe campaign quickly exceeded its goal of $100,000 to support his family and face legal challenges in the coming year.

Retribution and scorn are two of the primary forces that dissuade people from coming forward. Seeing how successful Poarch’s campaign was and the impact it’s already having on American politics will likely encourage others to reach out to Project Veritas to tell the truth about their companies. Bias against President Trump, Republicans, and the people who support them is rampant in the media, big tech, Hollywood, and education. Yet in nearly every case, the forces behind the bias pretend to be fair and apolitical in their actions. This is far from the truth and people who are fed up with the bias need to step forward.

There’s another roadblock for whistleblowers: credibility. It is often revealed that they may have had a vendetta against an old boss or a other personal reasons driving them to come forward. Poarch seems to be the real deal. A Democrats, Poarch supported Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign in 2016. One may think this would make him cheer on the corrupt brand of journalism at CNN, but he values journalistic integrity and properly reporting the news over personal political opinions. As he stated:

Other networks own their bias, but CNN portrays itself as middle of the road. I believe the American people deserve to know the true agenda of President Jeff Zucker so they understand what’s really going on behind the scenes at CNN and can make informed choices as consumers of media.

According to Founder James O’Keefe, other whistleblowers have already come forward to Project Veritas. The investigative journalists and activists have made a dent against bias and corruption in progressive circles with exposés on notable organizations such as ACORN, teachers’ unions, at Twitter.

Here are the first two parts of ExposeCNN:

Those who see corruption, bias, or anti-American machinations happening at their organizations should reach out to Project Veritas immediately. As Cary Poarch has demonstrated, the truth cannot be stifled if brave Americans speak out.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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