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Yes, Andrew Yang should be upset with CNN again



Yes Andrew Yang should be upset with CNN again

Let’s assume for a moment that you’re a Democrats. I know, the vast majority of our readers are Republicans, but pretend for a moment that you’re forced to pick one Democratic candidate to support. It would probably be a moderate. It would probably be someone who still believes in capitalism and is against taking away our freedoms. For many, it would be Andrew Yang.

Before anyone jumps on me for “endorsing” the pro-choice businessman, I’m not. Nor am I supporting his nomination; I’d much rather see Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as the nominee so we could have a full-blown capitalism vs socialism election to settle the score on the soul of America’s economic future. That’s necessary, as we’ve seen the rise of socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez due to a lack of understanding by many Democrats, particularly young ones. A Trump vs Sanders/Warren election would help bring the truth to light.

With that clear, Andrew Yang has some good ideas. He may not have many of the the solutions that I agree with, but he recognizes some of the problems plaguing America such as an infrastructure grid that must be modernized, the lack of term limits on Capitol Hill, and giving a leg-up to veterans in need. Perhaps it’s for this reason he is scorned by CNN and others mainstream media.

Despite raking in an impressive $10 million in donations last quarter, he still gets “forgotten” in conversations about top candidates. Others who are polling lower than him like Beto O’Rouke and Amy Klobuchar get more airtime and media mentions. During last night’s Democratic debate, he had his best performance to date, delivering answers that sounded more polished than the three previous debate answers.

But to CNN, he was a ghost. Watching the post-debate panel on CNN, it was an Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg lovefest. However, all of the candidates on stage got mentioned. All but one.

One does not have to support a candidate to recognize unfairness by the media. Andrew Yang deserved praise for a strong performance. Instead, the CNN panel pretended that he didn’t show up. Their bias against him is blatant.

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