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Hunter Biden’s interview a strategic move ahead of the Democratic debate



Hunter Bidens interview a strategic move ahead of the Democratic debate

Hunter Biden went on ABC News this morning to answer questions about his tenure on the boards of Ukrainian and Chinese energy companies. The jobs have been a source of campaign fodder for President Trump while also prompting the current impeachment inquiry by Congress after the President asked Ukraine to continue their previous investigation into Biden’s company. But the timing is conspicuous.

It was a strategic move, regardless of what former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign says. They claim the timing wasn’t up to them and ABC had a tight schedule. That’s a lie. If Hunter Biden walked into the studio in the middle of a news broadcast to do the interview there and then, they would have let him. No, this was a very clear and blatant attempt to hijack part of tonight’s Democratic Debate and establish up front one important campaign narrative.

They want Joe Biden to be the victim. They want this established at the beginning of the debate so they can set that tone ahead of anticipated attacks by fellow candidates. And most importantly, they want it to be clear that President Trump is going after Biden exclusively because he’s the one the Trump campaign fears the most.

In reality, he’s a weak candidate. It won’t be apparent until after the nomination process is over if he does win it, but currently the general consensus about Biden within the Democratic Establishment is that he’s still the best bet to take on President Trump. He’s the one who can lure Independents and moderate Republicans, by the DNC’s reckoning. He’s the safe bet.

Whether that’s true or not is for a future discussion. Hunter Biden is the topic of the day, bringing the spotlight onto him and his father ahead of the debate and insuring there will be questions posed to Joe Biden early. It’s a perfect setup for Biden who is great at playing the victim card. He’ll passionately defend his son, probably lobbing out an attack or two against President Trump’s children like, “I’d trust Hunter in a situation like he’s been in before I’d ever trust one of President Trump’s children.”

It will also allow him to point out how scared the Trump campaign allegedly is about a Biden nomination. He’ll say something like, “The President is hoping someone else gets the nomination because the one thing he can’t compete with is common sense.”

The radical progressive wing of the Democratic Party will be on the attack all day on social media. But his competitors on the debate stage will be very careful not to use any of the President’s talking points about Biden, including his attacks on Hunter. Such things are anathema for candidates.

The Democratic debate is going to be interesting. Tom Steyer will be introduced to many who have no idea who he is. Tulsi Gabbard will attack someone. But the Hunter Biden interview adds a new dimension. Will Joe Biden be able to make a move as a result?

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