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Elizabeth Warren continues to evade yes-or-no question on raising middle class taxes



Elizabeth Warren continues to evade yes-or-no question on raising middle class taxes

The only thing harder than getting Bernie Sanders to stop yelling is getting Elizabeth Warren to acknowledge that her Medicare-for-All proposal will definitely increase taxes on every middle-class American worker. It’s getting to the point of being awkward when anyone asks her the question, especially at the Democratic debate tonight when she was asked twice to give a yes-or-no answer.

Needless to say, she didn’t give a yes-or-no response to either attempt to ask the question.

It’s as if some campaign adviser told her if she ever admits she’ll raise taxes on the middle class, her election hopes would melt away faster than the Wicked Witch of the West when splashed with water. The truth is, she could actually survive the primaries and likely come out as the nominee if she would simply acknowledge the tax increase and then justify it. Instead, she keeps her answers focused on “costs.” That’s fine. But she clearly needs to acknowledge the math behind her plan which must include a tax increase. Otherwise, she’ll continue to look like an idiot.

Pretty much all of her competitors on stage attacked her for it, starting with Pete Buttigieg.

Medicare-for-All is a monstrosity. She knows it, but she also knows she has to pander to the radical progressives in her party if she has any hope of winning the nomination.

Every candidate on the Democratic debate stage tonight was willing to answer the question Elizabeth Warren refuses to answer. By not answering it, she’s making it a bigger issue than if she simply told the truth. She’ll raise taxes on everyone.

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