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Democrats on Capitol Hill share impeachment talking points with candidates ahead of debate



Democrats on Capitol Hill share impeachment talking points with candidates ahead of debate

House Democrats have reached out to at least one candidate who will be participating in tonight’s Democratic debate to give them talking points on the current impeachment inquiry into President Trump, a senior campaign staffer revealed to NOQ Report this morning. Among the talking points were the need to focus on the President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, Attorney General William Barr, and the phrase “shadow foreign policy operation” which should be “invoked often” when handling questions about the President and impeachment.

The CNN-NY Times debate will be watched by millions of Americans, many of whom have not kept up with the impeachment story that has been brewing over the last month. Since this will be their first exposure to what the impeachment inquiry is all about, House Democrats are hoping the candidates will help them make their case for them.

A word of caution was also expressed that candidates should not focus on Ukraine, which might “muddy the waters” about where the “real” story should be focused. Based on the way the talking points were addressed, one can assume they were sent to more than the one verified candidate.

Moderators are expected to discuss Hunter Biden’s interview this morning briefly to introduce the topic, but will quickly shift to redirecting the Ukraine scandal towards the President. It was not made clear whether this information was delivered as speculation or based on insights from CNN or the NY Times.

This debate will likely be heavily watched by Democrats and Independents who may have skipped earlier debates. With primary season heating up and the frontrunners distancing themselves from the rest of the pack, it’s expected to include some fireworks, particularly from candidates who are barely holding on in the polls. There will be 12 candidates on stage, the largest pack for a single debate, but only Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders have been consistently in double-digits in the polls.

With the Democrats keeping the majority of their inquiry behind closed doors, it’s clear they’re seeking dirt that can be made public on their timetable. This poses a challenge with driving their narrative but allows them to control it nonetheless. Their hope is tonight’s debate will help bring more Americans into the pro-impeachment camp.

The Democratic debate offers House Democrats a one-sided pulpit upon which they can expose Americans to their talking points. With nobody to offer pushback on claims against the President, expect participants to promote impeachment profusely.

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