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Charlie Kirk tells Lebron James exactly how he (and many of us) feels



Charlie Kirk to Lebron James

NBA star Lebron James has enjoyed a career that will put him in the Basketball Hall of Fame and have his name cemented among the best players of all time. But he has also established himself as a controversial figure at times, saying things that make some people question why he dives into discussions that are clearly above his mental pay grade. His most recent excursion into world politics was to address the China issue that has plagued the NBA for two weeks.

As expected, his perspective is disingenuous, self-serving, and generally wrong.

James attempted to backtrack on his statement by claiming he was referring to the timing of the Tweet made by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey expressing support for Hong Kong in their plight against Communist China. The Tweet came as some NBA teams were going to China to play exhibition games for the burgeoning basketball audience in the biggest country in the world, and James believed Morey should have waited a week before sending the Tweets.

This is actually worse than attacking the substance of the Tweet because it means James doesn’t really care about the substance of the issue. He doesn’t care that people are being persecuted for demanding the freedom their city once enjoyed. He doesn’t care that the best time for Morey to post the Tweet was BEFORE the NBA made their trip, not afterwards when it would have very little effect.

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk weighed in and expressed an opinion that matches what many patriots are feeling about the Los Angeles Lakers’ forward. Shying away from controversy to not disturb James’s perfect little world is exactly why the NBA is a mess right now.

Pretty harsh words. Also pretty spot on.

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