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CNN insider Cary Poarch exposes more than bias and corruption in Project Veritas video



Patriots have grown accustomed to Project Veritas exposing the truth about the left, whether it’s Democratic politicians, big tech influencers, or media bias. Their latest exposé with CNN insider Cary Poarch is another eye-opening revelation that the “truth” CNN pretends to spread is pure anti-Trump rhetoric prompted by an unhinged chief executive, Jeff Zucker.

Watch the video from start to finish. While doing so, take note of something important that should be highlighted as a major takeaway from the this exposé. Yes, we see the bias. There is clearly corruption that starts from the top and works its way down as a concerted effort to reverse the results of the 2016 election. But there’s another important takeaway: Many of the journalists and other employees at CNN are not happy about the direction their network is taking.

Just about everyone caught on hidden camera was not pleased with President Trump’s election, but not all of them were unhinged partisans. They expressed dissatisfaction with the way the network has turned into anti-Trump 24/7 while they longed for more objective, unbiased, and truthful reporting. It seemed like many wish the outcome from 2016 was different, but they weren’t pleased with being forced to throw away any semblance of journalistic integrity for the sake of what some categorized as a personal vendetta against President Trump by Zucker.

What makes it worse for them is the subterfuge that’s used. One noted how Sean Hannity is unapologetic in his support for Trump but doesn’t pretend like he’s a news reporter. Don Lemon was called out or being disingenuous, pretending to be unbiased while clearly hating the President and reporting the news with this hatred on display.

While the vast majority of our own readership is conservative, we occasionally get called out for being a “Conservative and Christian News Outlet.” Like Hannity, we do not shy away from our ideology or pretend to be unbiased, but even we get readers who tell us they would prefer to simply read or hear the news without filters. That’s not part of our charter, but we agree that those who claim to be simply “reporting” the news should definitely do so without filters.

This first video in the Project Veritas series couldn’t have come at a more important time as trust in the media is waning. As the fourth estate gets exposed for its own corruption, perhaps more people will realize we must think for ourselves.

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