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Reminder: WaPo declared impeachment campaign started 19 minutes after President was sworn in



Reminder WaPo declared impeachment campaign started 19 minutes after President was sworn in

Impeachment is not new. It’s been going on for 2 years, 264 days. It started 19 minutes after President Trump was sworn into office. And some would even say it started well before he was inaugurated, that the machinations of Democrats, the media, and the “Deep State” operators like former FBI agent Peter Strzok had impeachment plans in the works before election day itself.

The “official” launch of House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry (though without a vote from the full House authorizing it, nothing is actually official) may have been two weeks ago, but the actual plans to bring about impeachment of President Trump started long ago. Everything from the Mueller investigation to incessant calls for his tax returns to considerations of invoking the 25th Amendment have all been part of the ongoing impeachment campaign.

At the heart of this is an unyielding belief on the left that the 2016 election was wrong. While most no longer believe it was rigged thanks to the failed Russian probe, Democrats still believe they were somehow wronged. They blame the electoral college, though one can argue the campaign strategy employed by the President would have been dramatically different if there was no electoral college. They blame voter fraud, though Democrats have always had that particular market cornered. They blame Facebook and Russia, as if Americans are so stupid we could never have hated Hillary Clinton so much we’d vote for Donald Trump.

So, as a reminder, there’s this:

Between the Democrats unhinging themselves from reality and progressive mainstream media trying to rewrite the past, it’s no wonder the President feels like he’s fighting on multiple fronts for a reelection that should be his without question. America is doing great. Things are getting better. The only complaints people have are manufactured by the bias inherent in the media. And all of this is somehow part of the left’s plan. They still haven’t accepted that they lost in 2016.

If you think impeachment is a new development, open your eyes. This impeachment inquiry is the attempted culmination of nearly three years of work by the Democrats who can’t accept that we really do value our freedom.

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