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NBA’s bad week just got the Steve Kerr treatment



NBAs bad week just got the Steve Kerr treatment

The NBA is in trouble. They’ve bowed to Communist China. They quashed their own players and coaches. They’ve shown the backbone they displayed when being social justice warriors over transgender bathroom rights was a virtue signaling act, nothing more. Then yesterday, their chief social justice warrior, who happens to coach a team named Warriors, gave a response that was off the rails.

When he received a question wondering if he’s ever been asked about human rights while visiting China, he answered by condemning America. Seriously.

By comparing the atrocities that have been taking place in China for decades to our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is ludicrous. China has killed more of their own people over the last 70 years than there are AR-15s in existence. For Kerr to make the false equivalence that America’s human rights abuses are somehow comparable to China’s is a perfect example of why politics and sports shouldn’t mix.

Twitter wasn’t happy with his comments.

In case there’s ever a shortage of off-base whataboutisms, we can store Steve Kerr’s comparison of China’s atrocities to AR-15s as a never-ending supply to replay again and again. The NBA has become a cesspool of communist idiocy.

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