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Liz Wheeler has a message to Steph Curry and the NBA about China



Some say the NBA is making a mistake by being so feeble against China while playing social justice warriors in the transgender bathroom debate. This isn’t a mistake. This is exactly what the NBA wants, and those who say it’s all about money are missing the point.

One America News host Liz Wheeler gets it. In her commentary, she lambastes future Hall of Fame point guard Steph Curry for playing ignorant about China’s offenses. And this is the real takeaway from the whole China-NBA debacle, that everyone from players to owners to coaches to the media realizes this is wrong and they just don’t care. They’d rather pretend to be ignorant of the decades of atrocities committed by Communist China rather than address the issues meaningfully.

As my colleague noted yesterday, it’s time to boycott the NBA. And as Liz Wheeler notes, either the education Steph Curry received in school was terribly lacking or the desire to cater to China is so overwhelming, the NBA will lie to save face.

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