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The left’s actual narrative: Pursuit of the truth is not allowed to hurt them politically



The lefts actual narrative Pursuit of the truth is not allowed to hurt them politically

There’s a very conspicuous yet strangely ignored reality about the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry narrative. It’s so blatantly obvious, progressive mainstream media must perform a logic-defying Triple Lindy just to keep it under wraps. Why? Because they’ve been tasked with redirecting attention away from the glaring question in this whole ordeal. Democrats have compelled media to point as many eyes as possible towards the question of whether the President was within his power to ask the Ukrainian government to reengage in an investigation that initially ended under pressure from former Vice President Biden.

Democrats want us asking if the President did something wrong by pursuing the truth. They don’t want us asking what that truth is and how it could implicate Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, current Democrats members on Capitol Hill, and others engaged in corruption since at least 2016. This corruption and collusion seems to have extended onward until their progressive friends in Kiev were removed from power. They want the Bidens to be painted strictly as political foes to the President and not as men who traded influence for a cushy spot on the board of a corrupt energy company “earning” $50,000 per month. They want us believing President Trump may have insinuated pressure on the Ukrainians, but they want us to ignore unambiguous intimidation asserted by Joe Biden, pressure he was so proud of, he decided to brag about to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The media is combing over every word in text messages and transcripts tied to President Trump while completely ignoring, even burying actual evidence of collusion between Democrats and the former Ukrainian government.

It doesn’t matter which party you belong to or how you feel about President Trump. If you value integrity at all, you’ll be infuriated by the way this whole debacle is being handled by demonstrable liars among Democrats and journalists seeking vindication in progressive mainstream media. Even if you believe the President was wrong to ask for foreign help against a political foe, you should also be concerned that Democrats and the media are so adamantly opposed to letting the truth of their engagements in Ukraine see the light of day. They get defensive. They call people conspiracy theorists. They’re using every move in the misinformation playbook to keep America’s attention off the potentially serious crimes they’ve been committing since before the 2016 election.

As much as this is all about politics, we as a people must start asking the right questions about our government. Some of those questions should definitely be directed at the administration. Nobody is challenging that notion. But the way the Democrats and their lapdogs are handling this is as if the subject matter of the Ukraine call, namely the attacks on our election process by Democrats in 2016 and the prematurely ended investigation into Biden corruption, are both off limits. The President is looking for answers to questions the Democrats and the media don’t want asked. That’s why they’re carrying on the narrative the way they are. In essence, they’re saying that if anything can be used to harm Democrats, then the President has no right to ask about it.

If Biden’s current status as a fading political challenger is the only reason the left wants to impeach, then they’re being disingenuous. They’re insinuating that any wrongdoing by Joe or Hunter Biden is off-limits because the elder is running for the Democratic nomination. If he wasn’t running, would there be a case that the President should be impeached? No. But the part the left refuses to acknowledge is that their premise is based solely on the former Vice President’s candidate status. If he wasn’t running to challenge Trump, then there’s nothing wrong with the President asking a foreign nation for help with an investigation.

Running for office doesn’t give Joe Biden added protections nor does it put him above the law. But that’s exactly what Democrats are implying. Since he’s running for office, he’s a political foe and therefore is above legal reproach in the eyes of Democrats and progressive media.

No. This is wrong. Protecting Biden and other Democrats is not grounds for impeachment. Democrats are being dishonest with this ploy. The media is being dishonest by ignoring questions they realize are absolutely relevant. Yet it’s all being done in the name of keeping corruption and collusion by the Democrats and the former Ukrainian government off the radar.

Reality: President Trump is in pursuit of the truth. Impeachment is a ploy by Democrats and their media puppets to subvert his pursuit. Instead of asking if the President should be impeached, people should ask what Democrats are trying to hide.

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