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Netflix show ‘Unnatural Selection’ explores the Crisprati



If you’re a conspiracy theory buff or just someone who watches too much television, you’ve probably heard of the Illuminati. But you almost certainly haven’t heard of the Crisprati, a term coined by Wired’s Megan Moltani in their breakdown of an upcoming 4-part Netflix docuseries, Unnatural Selection.

The premise is one that should terrify everyone, though it’s likely to excite many if not most viewers about the possibility of “ending all diseases” known to man, as one of the scientists in the trailer promised. But there’s another line in the trailer that should make any Bible-believing Christian cringe at the implications…

“We have no choice but to continue exploring the Tree of Knowledge, but we always run the risk of discovering something that we cannot handle.”

Crispr (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) technology is, in essence, genetic manipulation at its highest and lowest level. It is the premise behind many science fiction and horror stories coming out of Hollywood today. But even as the creepy minds of Tinseltown mockingly warn of what happens when men try to act like gods, there are others who keep pointing to all the potential good associated with the technology. Cancelled Netflix/Marvel show Luke Cage centered around a man who was made super strong and physically invulnerable through Crispr technology giving him mollusk genes.

The promises driving Crispr research center around two basic goals. The first is eliminating diseases and birth defects. By mutating genes and often mixing them together with genes from other species, scientists believe they can make humans immune to certain ailments. They also believe they can potentially treat ones that pose problems for modern medical science.

The second goal is pandering to the transhumanist movement in which science can “improve” humans by allowing us to live longer, learn faster, and be better physical specimens. Many transhumanists envision gene editing allowing them to no longer age, to repair damage to their bodies more quickly, and the allow for more direct interfaces with their surroundings, whether that be technological accessories or the tree in their backyard.

Both of these dreams were potentially realized in China when a rogue scientist decided to experiment on a set of twin babies to make them immune to the HIV virus last year. While doing so, there’s evidence the twins’ brains may have been enhanced in the process.

But once we set the goals aside and start looking at reality, there are tremendous holes to the whole Crispr movement. Even secular scientists are saying just because we can doesn’t mean we should be messing with the human genome in this manner. The potential consequences aren’t very far off from the nastiest machinations of horror story writers. Then, of course, are the religious implications. Messing with the Creation in such a way is very unlikely to be pleasing to its Creator.

Judging from the trailer, this series will point to a few skeptics and offer some ominous warnings, but the majority of this series will glorify human ingenuity and get people excited about the possibilities of ending disease and giving people superpowers. It will allow us to be “properly warned” as they push forward with their evil agenda whether unwittingly or with a purpose.

As Truthstream Media pointed out on Twitter, at least they’re being honest:

The Crisperati know what they’re doing. They need awareness of what they’re doing to generate support, but they need to obvious dangers to be downplayed. They want to play god while telling everyone there’s nothing to worry about here.

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