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As WaPo gives Adam Schiff four Pinocchios, Trey Gowdy wonders how much longer he has



Adam Schiff is a liar. Republicans know it. Most Democrats know it. The Washington Post knows it. More Americans are starting to realize it. The question now is how long will Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi allow this verified, bald-faced liar to continue leading the impeachment inquiry against President Trump? It would seem to behoove her to have someone who hasn’t been caught in multiple lies make the case before the American people.

And yet, he’s still there. He’s still running the show… into the ground.

When someone as supportive of President Trump as Trey Gowdy is goes on record wondering why Pelosi continues to keep him on point, it’s obvious that the whole situation is cringeworthy for both the Democrats and the nation itself. In fact, his lies about not speaking to the whistleblower, let alone knowing who he is, should be grounds for an investigation into the Congressman’s other potentially tainted dealings over the years.

If Adam Schiff can’t be honest with a relatively unimportant question like whether or not he knew who the whistleblower is, what else has he lied about in his long career in politics? This impeachment really is another witch hunt.

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