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Emerald Robinson on the rise of the surveillance state



Emerald Robinson on the rise of the surveillance state

Who is to blame for the government and corporate entities taking more control over our lives by collecting data that is often used against us? The government plays a role as DC’s desire to install a proper nanny state is contingent on its ability to collect enough of our data. Big tech companies are also to blame in their obsession with collecting every detail they can about us. If a product is free for the people to use, then the people are the company’s actual product.

But much of the blame has to land squarely in our own laps as we willfully hand over this data, posting pictures of what we eat, geo-tagging where we go, and sharing our thoughts on everything from politics to whether or not we classify a hot dog as a sandwich.

One America News reporter Emerald Robinson took to Twitter today to express her perspectives on the issue.

Our time is truly running out. The notion that we’re building our own “prison state” may seem like a conspiracy theory, but one must be willfully blind to the writing on the wall to ignore the possibility that it’s absolutely true.

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