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An actual crime: Adam Schiff has been lying about the whistleblower the whole time



An actual crime Adam Schiff has been lying about the whistleblower the whole time

Representative Adam Schiff should be in serious trouble. He won’t be because he’s a Democrat and therefore a victim in the eyes of the press, but his actions surrounding the Ukraine-call whistleblower are the real “high crime and misdemeanor” that is taking place with the Ukraine hoax.

As the NY Times reported, the whistleblower contacted an aide for Schiff prior to filing his complaint. Schiff’s staff instructed the whistleblower to seek counsel and file the complaint. So far, so good – nothing criminal or inappropriate about this. But problems emerge with the subsequent events that point to a major conspiracy between Schiff and the so-called “Deep State” within the intelligence community.

First, the whistleblower’s complaint did not meet the requirements of being a first-hand account of the events in question. The requirements were changed, clearly as a result of this particular whistleblower, and it seems obvious that Schiff’s team had a hand in making this happen. The only other possibility is the existence of a powerful “Deep State,” a theory that is dismissed by Democrats, so which is it?

Second, the Congressman played dumb. He pretended like he knew nothing about the complaint, only hinting at awareness when it became necessary in order to pressure the DoJ, DNI, and White House to push the complaint out to the public. This is where Schiff demonstrates a lack of transparency at best and possibly a crime for lying about his level of awareness.

When pressing for the complaint to see the light of day, Schiff should have said something like, “We know there’s a whistleblower complaint because the whistleblower came to us first.”

Instead, he played dumb. This is not only disingenuous but also calls into question how deeply he and his staff were involved in crafting the various second-hand accounts detailed in the complaint. Is that why Schiff didn’t come clean about his knowledge from the start? Is it why Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was so quick to reverse her stance on impeachment and launch an inquiry before the complaint and transcript were released?

If one of the goals was to promote the appearance of an untainted whistleblower complaint, it would make sense to launch the inquiry early to avoid scrutiny of the source of the complaint itself by directing all attention on the President.

Third, he’s deflecting now. That’s a very telling sign that Schiff and his cohorts are not dismissing the NY Times report but are instead trying to redirect the narrative revealed in it. It’s as if he’s aware that he may have committed a crime and is desperately trying to push the story away from his involvement.

The President believes Schiff’s staff helped write the complaint. Based on everything we know now, that appears very likely. Just like the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax is turning out to be nothing more than a Democrat’s fabricated political hitjob.

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