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Bill Kristol’s Twitter poll gets red pilled just before finishing



Bill Kristols Twitter poll gets red pilled just before finishing

When Republican outcast and NeverTrump activist Bill Kristol decided to do a Twitter poll, he did so with the hope that it would demonstrate the power of his following and that his followers were against President Trump. And it almost worked until Trump-supporters caught wind with around three hours left in the 24-hour poll.

That’s when it got “red pilled.”

He asked a simple Yes or No question: Donald Trump took an oath that he would “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” and that he would “to the best of [his] Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Is he living up to his oath?

With 66K votes and less than four hours left, it was sitting at 18% Yes, 82% No. But as you can see, the poll spread quickly among Trump supporters who pulled off a near-complete reversal in a short period of time.

Kristol, who once edited the Weekly Standard until the conservative publication folded late last year, has been adamantly opposed to President Trump since long before he was elected. He put up a challenger, Evan McMullin, to run against Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016 with miserable results. No impact was felt, even in McMullin’s home state of Utah. Since then, Kristol has been trying to convince Republicans that Trump isn’t who they think he is despite 93% approval rate within his own party.

His latest ploy has been to promote Joe Biden as a sane and moderate alternative to both President Trump and the radical progressives running on for Democrats. But even that is quickly turning into a mess as Biden is falling in the Democratic nomination polls.

Try as he may, Bill Kristol is having a difficult time changing anyone’s mind about President Trump. He has plenty of NeverTrump supporters, but outside of his echo chamber the right is on the Trump Train and the left still despises him.

This story was corrected to show the actual extent of the “flippening” with a screenshot from Voat user Mysteryposter.

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