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Only Trump can drive the left that crazy



Only Trump can drive the left that crazy

The left has been losing the plot for years. President Trump just brought out their worst.

We are often reluctant to comment on developing news stories, with the fog of the news cycle concealing the facts, making it difficult to affix the proper assessment on the situation. Just trying to learn what exactly is going on is a Herculean task in and of itself, much less divine what it all means. So this will be some observations from flight level 30 on the overall situation. It will most likely not contain any spoilers.

Recent events have invoked thoughts of the 1988 movie Die Hard, the story of one man, John McClane, played by actor Bruce Willis, resisting a group of ‘terrorists’ who had taken over a skyscraper and are holding hostages, including his estranged wife. At one point, one of the ‘terrorists’ trashes a beverage cart, and his estranged wife comments that ‘Only John can drive somebody that crazy.’

This is not to say that President Trump is unique in this ability. Nor is it to say that he is particularly adept at furthering the cause of liberty. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Any number of patriots of the pro-liberty right could have caused the same reaction in the authoritarian socialist left, including our favorite in the primaries, Senator Ted Cruz.

Those of the national socialist left have an overwrought sense of self-worth, being the most compassionate and intelligent of anyone in the known universe. They know this because they are the most compassionate and intelligent of anyone in the known universe. Thus, they have convinced themselves that they alone have a birthright to rule over everyone else, that the ends justify the means. After all, they are saving the planet. What does it matter if they go overboard in tactics or rhetoric?

Taking in the news of the day

Trying to comprehend what is taking place is a difficult task in and of itself. While we are most assuredly of the pro-liberty right, part of the difficulty is of trying to stay out of an echo chamber mentality of both ‘sides’. Given that the first news sources consulted in the early morning are of the decidedly left leaning sources such the Associated Press and others of a similar vein.

We also rely on ‘auto-generated’ sources such as memeorandum self-described as ‘an auto-generated summary of the stories that US political commentators are discussing online right now’, As a way to avoid any echo chamber effects. This site will usually have a main story and then a listing of other sites that are referring to the primary source. We used quotes around the term ‘auto-generated’ since observation over time has shown even this ‘automation’ has its own bias in that it used to have more stories from the patriotic side of the aisle. However, it is fascinating to see how certain stores will propagate online.

We also try to rely on sources that are of the center-right realm, the liberals in the truest sense of the word. Everyone should note that those who are truly liberal belong on the pro-liberty right side of the political spectrum. It’s one thing to hear that the left is losing the plot from the patriot side, quite another to hear the same assessment from those a little more to the left on the political spectrum.

The left is losing the plot and trying to drag along the rest of us with it

The purpose in setting forth how we assess current events is to lay a foundational basis for our analysis. Having stated how we comprehend the news of the day, it is clear that the left is going insane. Granted, many will take umbrage at the use of the word ‘going’, this is our attempt at being charitable towards the nation’s socialist left.

To those of us on the pro-liberty right, anyone who champions the thoroughly discredited as well as non-functional ideology of socialism should be considered daft. After all, they are advocating the base systems of collectivism that are proven failures, not to mention a body count that numbers over 100 million.

Those of logical mindset can clearly see that a system that runs counter to basic psychology is doomed to failure no matter what it is called. That the left keeps on re-branding failure is somewhat of an understatement. There are over 40 different synonyms for socialism, with new variations being created every day.

What is truly fascinating is that many who used to consider themselves to be left of center have made this assessment as well. Many are in the #Walkaway Campaign. Others, such as Dave Rubin or Tim Pool are on the front lines, observing the sheer insanity of the left, trying to discern what is going on as well as what will happen next.

The coming out party of the totalitarian ten percent

The Hidden Tribes study demonstrated that only a small 8% – 10% of the population considers themselves as the activist left. While they are small in number, they are extremely vocal, comprising a good portion of the national socialist media.

The totalitarian ten percent as we affectionately call them, have always wanted to proudly announce that they were socialists. They’ve also been itching to issue demands that we turn in all of our guns. In the past, they have almost taken a perverse pleasure in lying about their base ideology and innate desire to disarm their political opponents. While at the same time advocating for socialistic slavery and gun confiscation.

The left cannot deal with rejection

Something rather odd has taken place the past few years, perhaps it’s the fact that communism imploded almost 30 years ago and we have a solid generation of people unfamiliar with the abject horror of the collectivist ideologies. Unfortunately, the thought back then was that the socialists would be back after enough people had forgotten the Cold War with the overt failure that is the left’s base ideology.

That could explain the emergence and limited success of admitted socialist Bernie Sanders, along with the left’s re-energized obsession with gun confiscation. Thus, we have leftists proudly confirming what has been obvious for decades, that they were suddenly socialists although they had the national agenda they’ve always had.

The problem is that the people aren’t buying into their promises of a latter day Utopia, complete with unicorns leaping over rainbows and free everything, all paid for with other peoples’ money. Despite their excitement of the ever-objective national socialist media, not everyone has bought into enslaving themselves to an ever powerful feral government.

Thus, the left isn’t confident they can buy their way into power with other people money taken at gunpoint. There isn’t an overwhelming clamor for collectivism and national socialist left is incapable of accepting the rejection of their wondrous base ideology. Instead of taking the blame for trying to sell what has failed for 400 years, they are blaming president Trump and the pro-liberty right for rejecting socialism.

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