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Ted Cruz nails the 2020 Democrat agenda



Ted Cruz nails the 2020 Democrat agenda

Anyone who’s paying attention to the legislation Democrats have been pushing knows they have an agenda that is far to the left of mainstream America’s needs and desires. Even that radical agenda is sane compared to what their Presidential candidates are offering in exchange for votes. It’s a pay-to-play scenario, except they’re paying for everything they’re giving away by using taxpayer dollars.

And, of course, that means RAISING taxes to achieve their universally philanthropic goals. Running for the highest office in the land as a radical progressive means offering more free stuff than your competitors. Are they ever going to learn the best way they can help Americans is to get our of the way and get their hands out of our pockets?

Senator Ted Cruz knows this all too well. He’s been fighting them since long before he joined the Senate or ran for President. Unfortunately, despite his and other conservatives’ efforts, the left continues to push even further away from reality.

He summed up their 2020 agenda nicely on Twitter in response to a NY Post reported who is calling to erase all mortgage debt:

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