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11-year old girls who sold lemonade to Elizabeth Warren donate funds to pro-life charity



11-year old girls who sold lemonade to Elizabeth Warren donate funds to pro-life charity

Senator Elizabeth Warren didn’t know it at the time, but she indirectly gave $10 to a pro-life charity. The two 11-year-old girls who sold her lemonade on the streets are pro-life conservatives in the making and donated the funds they received from her.

In a photo-op moment earlier this month, Warren stopped her bus to buy lemonade off the side of the road from the young capitalists sitting at their entrepreneurial table. But as our EIC noted, the photo-op turned into a positive event for preborn babies.

The Democratic frontrunner has been arguably the best at posturing for these types of campaign moments, which is likely why she’s doing so much better than her socialist predecessor, Senator Bernie Sanders. She’s reaching the people with personal messages such as this. But the message sent by these patriotic families is a statement of its own.

Warren’s lemonade money went to a pro-life charity Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) purchased drinks from two girls running a lemonade stand in August, she may not have been aware that her $10 purchase would be donated to a pro-life charity.

“Our daughters thought [Warren] was nice,” Dan Michels, a Trump supporter and a father to one of the girls, told the Washington Free Beacon. “She came by and told us we should vote for her. And our daughters told us she was a nice person, but we don’t align with her politically and … because she’s pro-choice, we said we should donate her money to a pro-life [cause].”

These girls had no intention of making turning their lemonade stand into a pro-life statement, but that’s exactly what happened. A pro-abortion socialist gave money to pro-life capitalists. That money ended up in the right spot.

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