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China: The big disconnect



The big disconnect


The United States of America is so wrapped up with internal politics that we cannot see through the fog that is rolling in from Asia over the Golden Gate. We are completely oblivious to the hidden dangers that it may bring.

If you follow the media in Australia and in Japan you will find there a realization of the all-encompassing threat posed by the Behemoth in Beijing. Throughout the Far East, Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific Region, everything China does is being watched with a wary eye.

One who has been observing global events since World War II cannot escape the inevitable conclusion that China has a more comprehensive scheme for world domination than we have ever experienced in our lifetimes. Even during the Cold War, the Soviet Union was never as formidable as the Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping in directly challenging the United States in military supremacy and global influence.


Perhaps you’ve read a little about China’s so-called Nine Dash Line in which the Spratly and Paracel Islands in the South China Sea are being militarized. There have been near conflicts between China and Vietnam very recently. Philippine sovereignty is also threatened.

Chinese adventurism exists around the planet even including Antarctica, the Horn of Africa, the Baltic Sea in northern Europe, Latin America and even the Bahamas not far from Mar-A-Lago. But, we need to focus on our own American interests in the Pacific Basin.


What I’m getting at here is that our own government in Washington DC is currently so tied up in knots over things that really do not matter. We’ve got Democrats and Republicans at each other’s throats.

Enough about Ukraine-gate and impeachment already. While we are focusing our energies upon one another, our enemies plot our demise as their highest priority to eliminate their only real competitor for world influence.

Chinese spies have already penetrated our own country. Other than diplomats and high-tech companies, they are already infiltrating our schools and co-opting our youth. Unvetted Chinese asylum seekers pop out of the Mexican desert and make it across the Rio Grande into Texas regularly.

Years ago, I watched Cheech Marin in the movie Born in East LA. People from all over the world trying to sneak in across our southwest border may have brought a laugh back then, but now it’s very serious business.


I’ve written a number of articles about China but what I’m trying to get across now is that we in this country don’t really seem to be paying attention. I guarantee that the CCP’s Inner Circle in Beijing pays a lot more attention to Washington DC than vice versa.

I was disappointed that President Trump dismissed National Security Advisor John Bolton. I haven’t seen much yet about his replacement, Robert O’Brien. But I have read recently about the new Deputy NSA Matthew Pottinger, an Indo-Pacific expert and fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker.

This is a good sign but it’s going to take much more. Indo-Pacific Command based in Hawaii is actively working to counteract Chinese hegemony within our own United States territories and former territories in Micronesia.


I believe the disconnect comes at the political level. Career civilian and military SME’s know what they are doing. But our political discourse has gone so far off track that it may lead to the wrong people being elected in the near future.

On foreign policy, Donald Trump is a clean slate waiting to be written upon by those with whom he surrounds himself. When he has good advisors, he does well. When he has bad advisors, disaster is just around the corner.

The biggest problem however is the United States Congress. Substantive issues of national security are apparently boring and not sensationalistic enough to woo the voters.


We’ve got to stop these media-driven witch hunts that divert our attention away from existential issues. Iran is an immediate threat to cause a major conflagration. While a hot war with China could develop very quickly, the erosion of our own American military strength is overshadowed by the erosion of our political willpower.

This isn’t the first time in our history that this has ever happened. We absolutely did not lose the Vietnam War militarily. The Tet Offensive succeeded more in eroding American willpower than it did on the battlefield in the jungles and deltas.


China is also mounting a major propaganda campaign as it reaches its tentacles into the small islands of the Pacific Basin. This area has never been of due interest to the United States.

I’ll give you just one pertinent example. When APEC had its annual meeting in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, in November 2018, that was a big deal for the islands of Melanesia. Donald Trump did not attend but deferred to VP Mike Pence.

Not only that, but Mr. Pence sent a message to the host country by spending each night in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, a more than 3-hour round-trip flight away.

I have no way of knowing if this in any way made an impression on the neighboring Melanesian country of Solomon Islands [but why wouldn’t it?] which recently abandoned our ally Taiwan to establish relations with China. But Xi Jinping made the most of his own personal appearance at the APEC Summit.

Papua New Guinea ~ ‘The China show’: Xi Jinping arrives in PNG for start of Apec summit

Will we never learn?

Apparently not.


But the problem is that absolutely none of this is in the public consciousness in our own country. Not one out of 10 million people will be familiar with the story I just told you. But it’s a lot better known by those in China who are just following a very well organized plan of action to undermine American influence and to gain a significant foothold in our Pacific backyard.

I hope new Deputy NSA Matt Pottinger will have the integrity to bring up these matters which he understands. Then, we’ll see how long he lasts in the new job.

Meanwhile, our Senators and Representatives need to focus their attention on foreign policy matters that could lead to a serious vulnerability on America’s Pacific flank. What Trump or Biden said regarding Ukraine pales in significance.


Our short attention span culture flits from one issue du jour to the next just as the big hand strikes 12 somewhere in the world. Let our good neighbors to the north be concerned about whether Justin Trudeau ever wore blackface. There weren’t even any consequences for the Governor of Virginia. Anybody actually remember Al Jolson?

If you’ve forgotten Chernobyl, maybe Vitali Klitschko is a good reason to be interested in Ukraine. But right now, this isn’t about what’s good for Ukraine: it’s just a gimmick for political assassinations in the United States.

If we continue this political circus, we are at the mercy of the intensely serious regime in Beijing. So I implore you to cease and desist. But, of course, you won’t.

But, if you don’t keep your mind on business and do the job you were elected to do to keep our country safe, the lights will someday go off in Ronald Reagan’s shining city set on a hill. Perhaps it will be due to an EMP.


I really don’t want to end an article on a downer like that. There is a Higher Power. He who inspired our Founders to compose the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is still in control today.

Neither the recent election in Israel nor the next election in America will be able to circumvent His Divine Plan. Replacing the Ten Commandments with the statements of Xi Jinping will not be tolerated forever. People who play God all lose in the end.


Revelation 22

12 “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. 13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

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