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Democrat Jeff Van Drew: ‘At the end of the day I’m afraid all we’re going to have is a failed impeachment’



It’s easy to lump all Democrats together in the Trump take down scheme known as impeachment, but there are still many Democratic lawmakers (and millions of Democratic voters) who oppose pushing forward with impeachment. Their reasons vary, but one of the most common is the notion that spending so much time on impeachment and dividing Capitol Hill along party lines will not get anything accomplished. No legislation. No laws. No solutions.

While some of us do not see inaction by Congress as a bad thing, the fact remains there really are problems that must be addressed quickly. As long as the atmosphere is this contentious, everything else is on hold. There can be no bipartisanship when one party has as its sole purpose in life being to remove a sitting President simply because they do not like him and still can’t believe they lost to him three years ago.

Representative Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) is one of the lucid Democrats who recognizes some of the many problems with pursuing impeachment at this time and most importantly for the reasons the Democrats are listing. The people are not behind it. More importantly, they do not have a mandate in the form of actual “high crimes or misdemeanors” for which they can justify impeachment.

They have less on their tray than Republicans had for the their impeachment of President Clinton in 1998. Even that impeachment wasn’t justified and still marks one of the ugliest partisan moments in recent history. But the attacks on Trump by Democrats tops the mistakes of the GOP in the 90s.

In this interview with Tucker Carlson, Representative Jeff Van Drew breaks down his reasoning for wanting his party to end the impeachment inquiry and focus on infrastructure, healthcare, and other issues important to Americans.

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