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President Trump: ‘Our rights do not come from government. They come from God.’



President Trump Our rights do not come from government They come from God

Of all the things President Trump could have said before the United Nations yesterday, one sentence made me more proud to have him representing us than anything else he has ever said. It was arguably his most profound pronouncement on the world stage, and even if a speechwriter typed it out for him, the fact that he said it is praiseworthy.

“The United States is founded on the principle that our rights do not come from government. They come from God.”

One of the basic tenets of Constitutional conservatism is a belief in natural rights, which elevates divinity and places the Constitution in its proper place as a protection from and reminder to those in governmental power. Our unalienable rights predate the United States. The formation of our nation has been a catalyst for freedom across the world, and while we have had many missteps along the way, we have also corrected many of them as best we can.

We do this because, as the President noted, our founding principles embraced a higher power than man. God gives rights to man. Government is charged with protecting these rights under penalty of retribution from the people. The Constitution is the framework within which government is properly restrained on behalf of the people.

This was a bold, defining moment for the President as he declared to the world what many, even those in our own country, seem to have forgotten. As long as the light of freedom continues to shine, our time on earth may be allowed to continue.

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