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Iranian President lies continuously through Chris Wallace interview



According to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as he was being interviewed by Fox News host Chris Wallace, the world is very different from their perspective. They tend to see evil where there is good and good where there is evil, even when they’re directly involved. Here are just a few of the bald-faced lies told in a matter of minutes by the Iranian leader.

  • The United States is supporting terrorists in the Middle East
  • Israel does as well
  • Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons
  • They weren’t responsible for the attack on a Saudi oil facility

Those weren’t the only lies Rouhani told in his interview. He also claimed that Iran has brought peace to the Middle East and should be the nation that brokers a Middle East peace deal between Israel and their enemies. Wallace looked shocked, calling Rouhani out for giving millions, perhaps billions of dollars to Hezbollah and Hamas. Rouhani responded by saying they’re not terrorists, they’re just defending their people.

Rouhani, for his part, remained very calm despite occasional interruptions and badgering by Wallace. He even held back obvious anger towards Israel, until making the outrageous claim that Israel is backing the Islamic State. At that point, he turned into a conspiracy theorist with claims that Israel is supplying weapons to the Islamic militant group.

One very interesting note that sheds light on the mentality of the Iranian government (and perhaps its people) is the way Rouhani framed terrorism and nuclear war. He went into the distant past to invoke the downing of Iran Air Flight 655 31-years ago as proof that the United States supports terrorism, while pointing to the atomic bombs used against Japan in World War II to show how the U.S. handles nuclear weapons. In western culture, it’s uncommon to invoke events from three- and seven-decades ago as proof of current policies. To Rouhani and perhaps others in Iran’s government, such invocations are warranted.

President Trump has continued to say he is willing to talk to Iranian leaders without preconditions. Members of the European Union, who have remained in the original Iran Nuclear Deal, have changed their tune since confirming Iran’s involvement in the Saudi attack. Now, they’re calling for new negotiations to form a brand new deal.

The Iranian regime is not serious about putting together a new deal. Their economy may be sinking and their people may be suffering, but it seems holding onto their nuclear weapons program supersedes all other needs.

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