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Start paying attention to Arnold Mooney



Start paying attention to Arnold Mooney

When looking at Republican Primaries, endorsements can be a good indicator if candidate is conservative or not. It’s not perfect, but it helps. RINOs endorse RINOs which can help prematurely expose them. And conservative voices often land on conservative candidates. The problem is forming formidable campaigns with conservative candidates because the decks are stacked against them by the Republican Party. But when various Conservatives have came out in support for Arnold Mooney this early, it’s a sign that he may be a real gem to send to the Senate.

“I’ve received the endorsement of constitutional conservative Senator Mike Lee, Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, the Senate Conservatives Fund, and Al Robertson of Duck Dynasty.”

This statement from an email I received from him was quite impressive. This is a diverse field of endorsements. Senator Mike Lee is one of the most Conservative voices in the US Senate. Mark Levin is a best selling author and conservative radio talk show host. Erick Erickson, is a prominent figure in conservative media. The Senate Conservative Fund is a top conservative political action committee with a strong track record for above average Senators. This includes the most recent rookies such as Marsha Blackburn and the surprise I was wrong about, Mike Braun. They also endorsed Josh Hawley. Al Robertson of Duck Dynasty is also a quality endorsement that indicates he’s a strong conservative and probably a devout Christian.

But its also worth considering that Arnold Mooney’s son, Gaston Mooney is heavily involved in Blaze Media, so these biases are worth noting. However, this is a strong field of candidates, including the former Alabama football coach Tommy Tuberville who seems like he could sway the populist vote. Then there’s Roy Moore, the candidate who anemically defended himself from sexual assault allegations and thus lost to Doug Jones. Then there’s Congressmen Bradley Byrne, a mediocre House member who has a big spending record. He is likely the RINO pick here.

Getting beyond the endorsements, Arnold Mooney’s record is strong. He co-sponsored Alabama’s abortion law and currently sponsors numerous other legislation such as right to work, pro-gun legislation, and a staunch record of advocating for religious freedom. His credentials are undeniably strong. This post is not intended to be an endorsement of Arnold Mooney; rather, it is intended to be a wake up call, for this race has the potential to send a strong Conservative to DC, so we should be paying attention.

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