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On the necessity of scriptural backing for all of our perspectives



On the necessity of scriptural backing for all of our perspectives

Living a life guided by the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ has always required an understanding of scripture that is perpetually improving. We are to study the texts daily, whenever we possibly can, and live our lives accordingly. In today’s increasingly anti-Christian society, it’s arguably more directly beneficial to do so.

Christians are under constant scrutiny and often under repeated attacks. That’s what prompted the self-reflection that inspired this post, specifically ongoing incidents on social media that pertain to politics. Since my social media profiles state my adherence first and foremost to the faith, I get a daily infusion of attacks for my views in respects to my religious beliefs. Thankfully, I do not talk about my personal life very often on social media, in which case I’m sure I’d receive even more attacks; if they knew I’ve never watched Game of Thrones because my faith tells me to avoid such debauchery as entertainment, the attacks would multiply.

Nevertheless, every time I point out that the United States is a sovereign nation with rules for entry, I’m invariably called a fake Christian. When I promote the 2nd Amendment right to self defense, I’m asked if Jesus would be toting an AR-15 if he were walking in downtown Austin spreading His Word. If I mention my belief that radical ideologies fighting man-made climate change are not what was intended by our earthly dominion, I’m accused of conveniently twisting scripture.

Here’s the thing all Christians must remember: They will attack us for our faith. They will attack our faith itself and do whatever they can make us believe we’re not living our lives properly. They will call us Bible bigots, anti-science zealots, and faith-based hypocrites. And if we aren’t fully prepared with scripture to defend our worldview, they may be right about us.

By no means am I suggesting we need to have scripture ready to throw at people when they challenge our political views. This is for personal spiritual protection. If our actions and philosophies are guided by a Bible that we have unwavering faith in, then we can more easily shrug off the attacks that come. With secular issues, there’s no need to get into spiritual debates. We can, but it’s not necessary. However, when they challenge our faith itself, then it’s imperative we know how to express our belief to act as proper witnesses.

If we can express our worldviews through a Biblical lens, we are safe from the scrutiny and attacks against our faith that are currently on the rise. Our belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior should be the foundation for all of our actions.

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