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Michael J. Knowles was right to note Greta Thunberg is, indeed, mentally ill



Michael J Knowles was right to note Greta Thunberg is indeed mentally ill

Say what you will about the climate change activism of Greta Thunberg, her use as a pawn by her parents and the world’s climate change alarmists, or her passionate speech. But if you say she is “mentally Ill,” as The Daily Wire’s Michael J. Knowles did on Fox News yesterday, you will get a swift rebuke from the network, threats from social justice warriors, a front page story on the Washington Post, and a pat on the back from those who value the truth.

You see, Thunberg is diagnosed with mental illness. As Knowles pointed out, her mother even wrote a book about it.

“The climate hysteria movement is not about science,” Knowles said on-air. “If it were about science, it would be led by scientists, rather than by politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left.”

Details of her diagnosis are listed on her Wikipedia page… for now. We took screenshots as the page will almost certainly be edited to have that section removed with the editors citing some sort of protection of privacy for children or whatever else they can come up with. For the sake of posterity, here it is…

Greta Thunberg Mental Illness

Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder, and selective mutism are mental illnesses that require treatment, as Thunberg is known to still be receiving. So the real question here is whether or not Knowles went too far by invoking her factually-based diagnoses of mental illness in describing her on national television.

The answer is an unambiguous “yes.” As she is being propelled to stardom as a symbolic and sentimental leader in the climate change industry, it is important for her devoted followers to be fully aware of her conditions. This isn’t the child of some politician or celebrity who should be protected from scrutiny that will come based on their parent’s fame. Thunberg is the famous one in this equation, and not because she won a spelling bee or stared in a sitcom. She spoke at the United Nations yesterday. She led the Climate Strike in which millions of children ditched classes to hold signs in the streets.

Thunberg’s status as a 16-year-old child cannot be allowed to protect her from scrutiny when she, her parents, and the climate change industry have propelled her to the spotlight. If she wants to be a leader of this movement, she must accept that her conditions are a part of who she is in public life. To her credit, it seems that she has. She’s not the one complaining about Knowles’ comments. The triggered, woke folks on the left have come to defend something that doesn’t need or deserve defense.

Meanwhile, Fox News rebuked him for speaking the truth.

Many rational people have come to Knowles’s defense on Twitter:


In our post-truth society, mainstream media is much more concerned about perceptions than the facts. What Michael J. Knowles said was accurate. It was contextually relevant. It was compassionate towards a child being used by the left.

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