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PragerU: How government made you fat



Lower fat, increased high-sugar grains… that’s the way to go, right? It’s what government has been pushing on us for over four decades. The famous food pyramid has us eating grains while cutting back on fat because allegedly this is what will lead to better health.

But the numbers don’t back that up. Obesity is rising even as fat intake is falling. We’re eating the grains and other high-sugar products the government recommends, but it doesn’t seem to be working. The reason: The original studies were flawed. As our resident doctor noted yesterday about food science and climate change, “settled science” is a myth.

This video by PragerU’s Bret Sher explores how government misled us into an inconclusively “healthy” diet. The moral of the story: Take responsibility for your own health (and everything else) and leave government out of it.

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