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Does Bible prophecy point to climate change ALARMISM as the real existential threat?



Does Bible prophecy point to climate change ALARMISM as the real existential threat

There are many apostasies happening in the modern western church today. Christians are being pulled in every direction away from proper Biblical teaching, whether through the prosperity gospel, the rise of church-based social justice warriors, or the coexist movement that tries to homogenize the various religions into Christianity (and visa versa). But one topic that is hot in the news today while quietly creeping into the church is climate change alarmism. You may be hearing about it in your church today. If not, there’s a good chance you’ll hear about it this weekend.

It’s a topic that has made theologians and faith-based scientists struggle to find the right response. Man-made climate change is being indoctrinated into the minds of many, especially our youth, as a tremendous threat to our world’s future and many churches are buying into the hype. They often justify doing so by invoking our status as stewards of this planet, saying it is our responsibility to keep God’s creation clean and flourishing for all life. They refer to verses in the Bible in which God grants humans dominion over life on earth, which they translate as stewardship (dominion sounds too obnoxious, or something). Therefore, they created the 11th commandment, “Thou shall be good stewards over the earth and all life on it by cutting carbon emissions.”

I tend to believe in dominion as a requirement because God said it. But I also believe doing so must be within the boundaries of lucid examination of the situation followed by common sense solutions. I am in favor of men and women making the conscious, personal decision to use the resources we have properly, to seek solutions to death and famine that can be solved with proper collection and distribution of potable water, and to generally make the world cleaner.

Climate change alarmists aren’t interested in solving these problems the right way or applying common sense to them. They have one of two agendas that drive them. Most are following the existential threat agenda by buying into clearly political “science” that has been saying we only have a decade to solve the problem. They’ve been making the same claim for four decades. They’ll likely continue making the claim in future decades. By their reckoning, eventually they’ll be right.

The second agenda is being driven by the puppetmasters behind the first. These forces, which I can only assume are part of the Principalities and Powers spoken of in Ephesians 6:12, stir up the masses to believe they’re going to die by man-made climate change unless we give up essentially everything immediately. We can have no cars. We can have no planes. We can have no cows. We can have no rights. This agenda can be most clearly seen in the proposed Green New Deal, an economic plan to bring socialism to America by invoking Modern Monetary Theory, open borders, and the end of most civil liberties.

The Green New Deal has very little to do with climate change, but ask an average supporter and the vast majority will say that’s exactly what the Green New Deal is about. Ask one of its creators and you may hear the truth.

Churches and individual Christians who buy into the con of man-made climate change haven’t read their Bible properly. They especially haven’t read prophecies of the end times that do not depict challenges with carbon emissions, shrinking ice caps, or floods engulfing cities. The challenges depicted in end times Bible prophecy are driven by God’s wrath, but notably it’s also driven by a world that has become desperate, apostate, and poverty stricken. Men will take on the mark of the Beast in order to buy and sell. The masses will intentionally worship a false messiah who promises solutions to their problems and peace on earth. A one world government will be in control.

The economic and geopolitical circumstance alluded to in the Bible more clearly match the results of climate change hysteria leading to the collapse of modern society. We saw today as the United Nations uniformly applauded Greta Thunberg, the rising climate change messianic figure who is being widely adored as the leader of the new environmental movement. By no means am I suggesting she’s a problem depicted in prophecy, but the swiftness in which she has been embraced is indicative of a society that is vulnerable to adhering to the new religion of climate change hysteria.

And many churches are falling in line with this hysteria.

If you are a Bible-believing Christian who believes in man-made climate change, I challenge you to read scripture more closely. One pointed to the “fires” spoken of in multiple end-times prophecies as comparable to climate change, or the sun causing men’s skin to blister as evidence of an eroding ozone layer. To them I say this: Tribulation will not come in the form of a 1.5 degree increase in global temperatures, nor will it be subdued by SPF 50+ sunscreen. The fires of the end times will be apocalyptic fires from the heavens. Burns from the sun will be unavoidable.

But perhaps the most important thing for Christians to remember is that it takes the insatiable ego and delusions of grandeur of a secular people to believe we have the power to subvert God’s will. The forces that are aligned against us in high places are not trying to raise global temperatures. They’re much more likely to raise fears of climate change to initiate radical changes that will plummet the world into turmoil. When economic chaos spreads and the masses of the world struggle to survive day-to-day, then we will be most vulnerable to the offerings of the Beast, the false prophet, and the Dragon.

The fight of the church must be to bring people into the covering of salvation, not to slow the consumption of beef or to get more people to drive a Prius. Climate change fearmongering is infiltrating the church. The Bible tells us to be wary.

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