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AOC calls out her own party’s ‘refusal’ to impeach Trump



Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is rallying her base against the Democratic Party Establishment. Her Justice Democrats puppetmasters want an all-out war against the people they consider to be “moderates” despite that group seemingly encompassing anyone who isn’t a far-left radical progressive. Their targets are people who would be considered progressives on any scale that didn’t get tilted by the rising radical left.

Their opening strike against the Democratic Establishment comes in the form of having AOC go after the party for not impeaching President Trump. They won’t say what the President did that’s worthy of impeachment outside of general complaints about obstruction or abuse of power, but those are just details to be ignored by Ocasio-Cortez and the Justice Democrats. They aren’t interested in facts. They only care about the feelings associated with a Trump impeachment.

As our EIC noted, conservatives should hope AOC gets her way:

Fox & Friends tackled the issue today, noting how the brewing war between the left and the far left is threatening to make the Democratic Party cannibalize itself. Meanwhile, the President is safely planted in the Oval Office with no worries of real impeachment.

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