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Before and after footage of homeless camp after Scott Presler’s team cleaned it is shocking



Before and after footage of homeless camp after Scott Preslers team cleaned it is shocking

When conservative activist Scott Presler sees a mess, he has a natural tendency to want to clean it up. And as he travels to Democrat-controlled cities from coast to coast, he’s finding a ton of trash being left to the wind by the cities. The last two cleanups were in Baltimore. This month, it’s Los Angeles.

He and his team of conservative volunteers donned protective gear (there are needles, rodents, and other dangers ever-present in trash heaps) and went to work on cleaning a homeless camp in a Los Angeles suburb, Van Nuys. There was so much trash, it looked like it would take a small army to get it done after years of being ignored by Los Angeles officials. His early estimates stated there was over 30 tons of trash.

“With over 200 volunteers, we picked up 50 tons of trash in 9 hours,” Presler said.

The Twitter star, known as #ThePersistence (a play on the popular “#Resistance” hashtag used by Democrats and Never-Trumpers), has drawn praise from the right who appreciate the tremendous efforts and criticism from the left who believe it’s all just a publicity stunt. If this were all for publicity, there are easier (and cleaner) ways to draw attention than by spending days in the hot sun picking up other people’s garbage for free.

But the before and after videos show the work was well worth it.

After Presler Tweeted a video of his team getting started Saturday morning, Fox News host Laura Ingraham called for federal assistance to tackle the growing homelessness and drug abuse problems in America, particularly in cities like Los Angeles.

It’s a point Presler has been making for months. Why is so much attention paid by Democrats on living conditions for illegal immigrants when American citizens are literally living in garbage?

When all was said and done, Pressler’s team eclipsed their Baltimore efforts which cleaned up 19 tons of trash to leave an area clean that once held 50 tons of trash.

When asked about his motivations, Presler said, “The highlight of the day was when a homeless woman said to me, ‘Thank you for keeping your promise.'”

Indeed, he did.

His next promise is to return to Baltimore for a third round of cleanup there on October 5th.

We often sit at our keyboards and complain about things needing to be done. By following Scott Presler’s example, conservatives came together to rid an area of Los Angeles of 50 tons of dangerous trash. As Presler says, #StopTalkingStartDoing.

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