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Inside a Syrian refugee camp filled with ISIS supporters



The Islamic State is not dead. They may have been militarily defeated in most of the Middle East, but their influence is still spreading in the shadows. The possibility of another rise in militant activity is growing, but this time they will be smarter in how they handle their conquests. Most importantly, the specter of terrorism is omnipresent as their supporters spread out across the globe.

Efforts to “protect” the remnants of the Islamic State’s fighters, comprised mostly of women and children, is viewed by most western mindsets as an opportunity for the oppressed within the organization to start new lives. That’s not what’s happening, though, as CBS News learned when they visited a refugee camp in Syria.

The implications of what’s happening there are frightening. The camp is controlled by the Islamic State as women carry on the mission of their dead or captured husbands in a unified manner. By bringing them together in these camps, the potential for spreading radical Islamic terrorist beliefs is high. Children are still being indoctrinated. Women are still being intimidated, this time by fellow women.

The world needs to open its eyes to the reality that the Islamic State is alive and well. Their militia may have been dissipated, but the core beliefs are spreading. The next generation of jihadists are learning. The war against terrorism is far from over.

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