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Hezbollah operative Alexei Saab lived in America for 19 years, charged with helping terrorists



Alexei Saab came to America for opportunity, as so many legal immigrants do. But the opportunities sought by Saab when he entered the United States in 2000 weren’t for himself. He was looking for targets of opportunity for his bosses in Hezbollah. Over the last 19 years, he’s allegedly been supplying them with information on these potential targets the terrorist group intended to exploit sometime in the future.

Now Saab, who also goes by Ali Hassan, is facing a 9-count indictment for providing material support to Hezbollah in their ongoing efforts to bring terrorism back to the United States. He was arrested in July.

According to the unsealed indictments, Saab has been traveling to potential targets on the east coast since 2003, five years before he became a naturalized citizen. The list of places he allegedly scouted for Hezbollah is terrifying.

Hezbollah terrorist scouted NYC-area locations: feds

Saab surveilled dozens of locations in New York City—including the United Nations headquarters, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the federal offices at 26 Federal Plaza, and local airports, tunnels, and bridges, including the George Washington Bridge.

The detailed information recovered from his computers included photographs and details on the structural weaknesses — or “soft spots” — of these locations, officials alleged.

He has also surveilled sites in cities around the US — including the Washington Monument and Boston’s Fenway Park, The Post has learned.


Knowing there are people like Saab in America is terrifying. It’s a miracle that no major terrorist activities have happened since 9/11. There have been attacks. People have died. But with countless people like Saab working on plots to bring full-blown terrorism back to American soil should make us grateful to our stellar law enforcement.

We should also be thanking God every day, as there’s no way attacks such as the ones allegedly being plotted by Hezbollah have not hit us over the last 18 years. It’s hard to believe law enforcement is capable to stopping all of them so perfectly over all this time, which is why it makes sense to believe divine intervention has played a part.

But it will almost certainly happen again. Our 18 year hiatus from being victims of a major terrorist attack can’t extend on forever unless God wills it to be. There are too many out there who want America to crumble, who will kill themselves if it means taking out dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of Americans in a large-scale terrorist attack.

Hopefully, Saab will be convicted if he’s guilty. One less terrorist on the streets is a great thing.


“Such covert activities conducted on U.S. soil are a clear threat to our national security and I applaud the agents, analysts, and prosecutors who are responsible for this investigation and prosecution.” – John C. Demers

Final Thoughts

Only by the grace of God has America been spared from widespread terrorist attacks. Our law enforcement has done a spectacular job at preventing attacks before terrorists can engage. How long will our good fortune last?

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