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Migrant surge lessens, allowing criminal apprehensions at border to rise



Migrant surge lessens allowing criminal apprehensions at border to rise

The number of migrants and asylum seekers crossing the border to be willfully apprehended by border patrol agents has been on a sharp decline since May. Conversely, the number of smugglers, formerly deported criminals, and potential terrorists being apprehended by border patrol has gone up in the same time period.

Resources have been strained for months as border patrol contends with the masses of humanity flooding the border seeking asylum. But efforts by Mexican law enforcement, hot weather, and changes in asylum policies have reduced the number of people making it across the border.

With the reduced need to do paperwork and cater to the migrants, border patrol agents have been allowed to do their pressing work of securing the border and locating illegal immigrants who do not want to be found.

Migration Flow Down but Border Security Events on the Rise PASO, Texas – Reduced border crossing numbers aided by efforts of the Mexican government have allowed U.S. Border Patrol Agents from El Paso Sector to reemphasize traditional activities, resulting in drug seizures and criminal apprehensions along the West Texas and New Mexico borders.

On September 12, during routine activities, Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Alamogordo Station Highway 54 Checkpoint discovered three bundles of heroin with an approximate weight of 9 lbs. Both driver and passenger were taken into custody and turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration along with the heroin.

During a separate incident near Ft. Hancock Station, Border Patrols Agents received a citizen report of possible illegal alien activity. Responding Agents encountered a U.S. Citizen who was wanted for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender in Austin. Further records checks revealed an extensive criminal history, including a conviction for Sexual Assault. The subject was turned over to Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Office for extradition.


File this under “duh.” Of course border patrol is able to apprehend more criminal illegal immigrants when they’re not spending so much time passing out diapers and filling out paperwork for migrants. We’ve long said the biggest threat from the migrant surge isn’t the migrants themselves but the criminals they aid and abed by drawing attention away from border patrol’s mission to keep the borders secure.

This also means Mexico deserves huge kudos from patriots who may have been skeptical about their desire to stop the flow of migrants crossing our borders. They’ve kept their promise and slowed the flow dramatically before migrants are able to step foot on U.S. soil.

The fight is far from over. As weather cools and migrants attempt another surge, it will be imperative for Mexico to keep up the pressure and for the administration to do everything in its power to dissuade attempts to cross the border. Congress isn’t going to help until Republicans can take back control of the House. Until then, it’s up to the White House to keep us safe.


“With this temporary reduction of migration flow at the border, our Agents are adding consequences to those involved in criminal activity, resulting in increased interdictions of people being smuggled, detention of criminals, and seizure of narcotics.” – Gloria Chavez

Final Thoughts

This news runs contrary to the Democrats’ narrative that border patrol’s job is not being hampered by Congressional policies or their push for open borders. Now that they’re processing fewer migrants, they’re actually catching many more bad guys.

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