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Allen West: ‘America and Texas need victors… not victims’



Allen West America and Texas need victors not victims

One of the many reasons we endorsed Lt. Col. Allen West for Texas Republican Chair is because he represents something that is desperately needed in the ranks of the GOP: Courage. The party has been infiltrated by too many “leaders” who are feckless and unimaginative. They promote business as usual, cutting deals behind closed doors with progressives that do not promote the Constitutional conservatism this nation desperately needs.

So much attention is being paid to the national side of politics. Many Republicans watch the Democratic debates to laugh and gather ammunition against the eventual nominee, but fewer are focused on the state and local government that are the cornerstone of both limited-government federalism and proper Constitutional conservatism. As we push forward with the American Conservative Movement, we do so knowing that there must be a return of focus within the GOP on localized government where real action can be taken.

Government starts with the individual. We, as Americans, are the highest level of government, followed by local, city, county, state, and finally the safety net at the bottom, the federal government. That is how it was always supposed to be. It wasn’t until DC’s ongoing power grab started panning federalism that the power of the individual was diminished.

We don’t need panderers in DC or deal-makers/breakers at the state level. We need real leaders to represent our interest. America and Texas need Lt. Col. Allen West to make the Lone Star State a bright shade of red once again.

“Texas and America need statesmen and women who tell the people what they need to hear… as opposed to politicians who tell the people what they think they want to hear. I seek to restore the right relationship between the sovereignty of the individual citizen and the institution of government. And, in doing so, restore the honor of our Constitutional Republic, and its greatest state, the Lone Star State of Texas. America and Texas need victors… not victims.” – Lt. Col. Allen West

Bold, aggressive leadership is desperately needed in Texas. As the Lone Star State goes, so too does the entire GOP. Democrats want to turn it blue and state GOP leaders aren’t stopping them. Lt. Col. Allen West will get the job done.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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