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Chip Roy on clarifying our military missions



Chip Roy on clarifying our military missions

Congress is responsible for declaring war. That was the intent of our founders and remains the proper way in which America’s military is to be deployed. But Congress has abdicated. They’ve put the responsibility on the Executive branch while having no real input on how we are to dispense with threats abroad.

Congressman Chip Roy wants this to change. It’s time for the United States Congress to have a clear plan and make choices about who our military is to fight. Today, we’re still living under the auspices of an 18-year-old decree which was necessary when it was enacted. However, we are no longer searching for Osama bin Laden. The threats from the Middle East are still relevant, but no longer require the immediate and unfettered action of a single person in the White House to determine how to address it.

In other words, it’s time for Congress to take responsibility for war again. If we’re going to send our men and women into battle, we need to do so with a clear direction and a strategy to achieve a predesignated victory. This is what Roy was essentially saying in his op-ed for The Hill:

We will be held accountable for the votes we cast on fiscal matters, including spending taxpayer treasure on war and we should act like it by spending responsibly. But as we go forward, we should ensure the collective will of the American people is invested behind the costliest expenditure of our nation – the lives, the families, and the livelihoods of our men and women in uniform.

Congress did its job boldly declaring war after 9/11 but has since abdicated its solemn responsibility under Article 1. Congress needs to come to a consensus regarding which threats and entities necessitate military action, or other appropriate responses. If not for the man or woman who is on his or her 4th, 5th, or 6th deployment, then for the young man or woman who recently turned 18 and will deploy in the coming months to fight a war he or she wasn’t even alive to see begin.

As we move forward militarily, we must be pragmatic and focused on victory, not occupation or obscure goals that can never be achieved. When our men and women fight, it must be for a reason that goes beyond presence. We need a plan.

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