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Guns and Crime

A reminder to gun control advocates on the left and right, from Thomas Massie



A reminder to gun control advocates on the left and right, from Thomas Massie

Gun control is the talk of the town in Washington DC these days as nearly every politician on the left is being joined by their moderate cohorts on the right to trumpet various means of ending gun violence. They put these forth as solutions, but in doing so they’re addressing the wrong problems.

They’re doing this with the knowledge that universal background checks would have stopped literally zero mass shootings that have happened in the United States in recent decades. They do this knowing red flag gun laws circumvent due process with a presumption of guilt until the victim can prove themselves innocent. Many, including last night’s Democratic debaters, believe taking away “weapons of war” from tens or even hundreds of thousands of law abiding gun owners is an appropriate response to the handful of criminals and mentally ill people who use them to kill randomly.

Somewhere along the lines, the authoritarian left found a way through mass media indoctrination and subversion of common sense to convince most Democrats and many Republicans that guns are the problem with gun violence. They need this to be the case in their quest to disarm America because focusing on criminals and the mentally ill doesn’t fulfill their scope. They aren’t proposing laws that will fight against people who disobey laws. They’re proposing laws that will prevent people from defending themselves against these criminals, as well as against an increasingly oppressive government with a party whose leaders openly advocate principles of Marxism.

This is advocating for violence. Any time you prevent a person from defending themselves, you’re actively engaged in assaulting that person when violence comes their way. Representative Thomas Massie said it better:

The 2nd Amendment was created to prevent government from taking away our unalienable right to life. There are criminals, mentally ill people, and Marxists who want to take our lives. Only the 2nd Amendment stands in their way.

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