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Of Trump, Obama and cults of personality



Of Trump Obama and cults of personality

First, let’s all in common cause pause for a moment and reflect upon that tragic day 18 years ago that brought us together as Americans against a foreign ideological enemy. I would much rather focus upon that which we have in common today and everyday.

But unfortunately, there is also much that divides us. America is more polarized today than anytime in the last 160 years since just prior to the War Between the States.

The final straw

This article from yesterday provoked the ire of a long time law enforcement colleague. He asked me if I made the comments publicly why don’t I also make my response in public.

Okay, so here it is:

“It’s oh so plain you don’t like Trump.”

I won’t disagree with that but in this country nobody is above criticism, not even the President of the United States.

“John Bolton isn’t exactly the steady, firm hand on the wheel, he’s a damned war-monger, and has been for a long time. Bolton is the hill you wanna die on?”

Interesting imagery there. I’m sure he didn’t mean anything about my physical death. So that can only then refer to political death. As though standing up for anyone against Donald Trump were the end of that person’s hopes and aspirations in this country. The unpardonable sin?

I believe history will treat John Bolton much more favorably in retrospect than it will Donald Trump. When you’re in a valley filled with fog, it’s hard to see what will be over the next hilltop.

“If you claim to be conservative, he’s enacted the most conservative policies any Republican President has ever enacted. He stands up for the lives of the unborn. He stands up for Christian freedom, despite being more than a bit imperfect himself.”

So then, the litmus test for conservatism is being a Trump zombie? I’m not going to go back through two centuries of the American presidency to compare Trump’s record with his predecessors of his political party. His current political party, that is.

I have been outspoken about the things for which I agree with that Trump has done. Thus far he has supported pro-life issues.

As for standing up for Christian freedom, ask him why his Secretary of State still promotes LGBTQ Pride days and flies the rainbow flag at U.S. embassies around the world as though this were official U.S. foreign policy and the keystone of our culture.

“Three complete DOLTS are trying to primary Trump, and have no chance to do anything, except peel away a few votes he may need.”

There were 16 other candidates for the GOP nomination for POTUS in 2016. They all pretty much folded up their tents and rented out space in Trump Tower since then.

Looking at the emotional reaction of those who consider criticism of Donald Trump as tantamount to treason, does it surprise you that politicians with a promising future really don’t want to sacrifice it to challenge him for the nomination in 2020?

Allen West and Nikki Haley are both young enough to easily bide their time for 2024 without alienating all of the Trumpkins before that. So is Ted Cruz.

At age 70, my own personal strategy tends to be a lot more immediate in nature. Donald Trump is an unmitigated disaster waiting to happen.

He disregards the sage advice of renowned experts. The man who knows nearly nothing thinks he knows absolutely everything.

It is obvious that Trump is trying to pad his own legacy by talking to the dictator of North Korea and to the terrorist Taliban. Whether it’s Mike Pompeo or someone else whispering that bad advice in his ear, John Bolton was obviously trying unsuccessfully to be the voice of reason with an unreasonable head of state.

“Just look: Nobody in the Democrat clown short-bus is worth risking a loss to, they all seek to destroy America and turn it into a smoking communist hole.”

That is totally irrelevant and off the subject. What we need is a referendum upon the policies of President Donald Trump. Saying he may get us killed but the Dems will get us killed even faster is not really a convincing and persuasive argument in my book.


Those are actually two separate and distinct questions.

Who is better than Donald Trump right now? Allen West is. Nikki Haley is. Ted Cruz is. The list goes on but it’s a moot point because they’re not going to mount a primary challenge.

Who has a better chance to beat the Democrats? Well here’s what you don’t want to hear that you need to hear. For Donald Trump to be the person most likely to defeat the Democrats, he needs to get his act together.

Hearing from other patriotic conservatives would actually bolster Trump in the public view. Just having Dems take pot shots at him and responding with tweet storms will not help him win in November 2020.

The longer we keep tarring and feathering everybody who dares speak up against Donald Trump and run them out of town on a rail, we are just encouraging the Democrats and their deluded masses who suck up everything they say.

“You have the frickin’ vapors over Donald, LIKE SOME EMOTIONAL SNOWFLAKE, you should learn to get over it.”

Read that again and tell me which one of us it is that is being irrational and emotional.

“Trump is NOT perfect, but he is the president God allowed to be in charge.”

Yes and when ancient Israel had good kings, the nation prospered. When they had wicked rulers, the people suffered. But, God gave them what they wanted and what they deserved to teach them a lesson.


There is none. Only Jesus Christ was perfect. Him, they crucified!

I’m not going to write a new article every time somebody wants to vent. I just want you all to take a deep breath. Ask yourselves if anybody got bent out of shape every time somebody criticized George W Bush. Or George HW Bush. Or even Ronald Reagan himself. Not that I recall and my memory goes way back.

There is something unnatural and unhealthy about the cult of personality that’s highly offended over those who refuse to do obeisance and proclaim that Donald Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You are doing exactly what those entranced by Barack Obama did before you.

You may think that Donald Trump is your champion who has your back no matter what. But try speaking the truth to him like John Bolton did and see what happens. Trump uses people when he needs them, then discards them when they are no longer useful. Just as Obama did.

Different political party. Different man. Same kind of cult of personality. Trump and Obama are both mere mortals but they themselves and their followers need to realize that.

How long after Watergate was it that we really learned how dysfunctional the Nixon White House was? Yeah, I’m old enough to remember that era. Are you? If not, fasten your seatbelt because you’re in for the roller coaster ride of your life!

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Left scrambles to downplay Biden’s words, ‘If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money’



Left scrambles to downplay Bidens words If the prosecutors not fired youre not getting the money

We all know Joe Biden is a gaffe-machine. We also know he was involved in many of the scandals and foul play that were littered throughout President Obama’s time in the White House. Now, we’re learning that Biden used his power as Vice President to pressure the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who was investigating a firm that employed Biden’s own son, Hunter.

This didn’t come from a FOIA request or deep investigations into Biden’s past. It came from the clumsy presidential frontrunner’s own mouth. While speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations, Biden discussed his dealings with Ukraine, including the threats he made if the prosecutor wasn’t fired.

“If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money,” Biden said. “Well, son of a bitch, he got fired.”

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro and Representative Mark Meadows discussed it last night on her show:

It isn’t often that I disagree with assessments from my team, but this article claiming the media is done with Biden is wrong. He’s right that Biden’s campaign may be over, but progressive media will try to prevent it. There may be some far-left media outlets who were displeased with Biden from the beginning and are now using the Ukraine story to sink him further, but mainstream media is generally still in Biden’s corner. This story from the NY Times, an attempt to debunk the Trump administration’s claims that Biden played dirty to protect his son, lays out most of the facts while coming to completely wrong conclusions, as they’re wont to do.

Biden’s Work in Ukraine: What We Know and Don’t Know president has often been vague about the specifics of his allegations, but one detail that he and his allies have repeatedly cited is the former vice president’s threatening to withhold $1 billion in United States loan guarantees if Ukraine’s leaders did not dismiss the prosecutor. Mr. Trump’s campaign on Saturday publicized footage of Mr. Biden recounting the threat.

The prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, was soon voted out by the Ukrainian Parliament.

His dismissal had been sought not just by Mr. Biden, but also by others in the Obama administration, as well other Western governments and international lenders. Mr. Shokin had been repeatedly accused of turning a blind eye to corruption in his office and among the Ukrainian political elite, and criticized for failing to bring corruption cases.

There are two huge, gaping hole in the NY Times’ assessment that he was being pushed out by many in and out of the White House at the time. First, neither the U.S. government nor any other is likely to be concerned about corruption within a sovereign nation’s state prosecutor’s office. It’s just not something we do, and we especially wouldn’t hold a billion dollar loan guarantee back because we didn’t like a prosecutor.

But more importantly, the NY Times readily admits the prosecutor WAS investigating Hunter Biden’s company. His replacement looked into the matter and came to the quick, politically expedient conclusion that there was nothing to see here. That certainly sounds like political pressure being used to subvert an investigation into a company with deep financial ties to the son of a Vice President. It definitely doesn’t sound like the United States government’s sudden desire to end corruption in a prosecutor’s office for the sake of doing the right thing.

No, legacy media is not pushing the Ukraine scandal because they don’t like Joe Biden. They’re pushing the Ukraine scandal because they don’t like President Trump and they believe the American people are too stupid to connect the dots back to Biden. They believe their propaganda machine can offer Biden the cover he needs while pointing their fingers at a phone call, a whistleblower, and an exchange between world leaders that almost certainly did nothing to break any laws.

Democrats and the media are so desperate to push the unpopular impeachment narrative that they’ll take their chances with harming Biden along the way. They think we’re too dumb to see the truth. I, for one, refuse to believe their lies.

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Media’s fixation on Ukraine whistleblower means Joe Biden’s campaign is essentially over



Medias fixation on Ukraine whistleblower means Joe Bidens campaign is essentially over

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still on top of most polls for the Democratic nomination for president. But his campaign is pretty much done. How can this be? One needs only look at recent signs, media reactions, and the rising Ukraine story to realize the frontrunner’s candidacy has very little chance of securing the nomination.

We can talk about the gaffes, mental lapses, and bad press from progressive news outlets all day, but the real sinking of the ship is ironically coming from a story that’s supposed to be targeting President Trump. Democrats and the media alike are calling for transparency about a whistleblower complaint lodged against the President’s handling of phone calls with the Ukrainian government. In those calls, the President allegedly made “concerning” promises in exchange for dirt on the former Vice President, specifically his handling of his son’s legal troubles there.

But while the media and Democrats are pointing to collusion once again, the American people are wondering what Ukraine has on Biden that would prompt the President to allegedly make these promises. The President noted this and pointed to the real story that should (and in many cases does) have the attention of the American people.

Unlike other candidates, Biden doesn’t receive the same degree of cover for his past exploits. The far left and the media are willing to keep Elizabeth Warren protected from having to declare that her Medicare-for-All plan will raise taxes on the middle class and Kamala Harris may never have to answer for her harsh criminal justice record before joining the Senate, but Biden’s sins are fair game to the press. Why? Because they are buying into the notion that he may not be the best candidate to take on President Trump. If they collectively believed he had the stamina to make it through the general election, they’d be burying the Ukraine story. But they won’t.

Congressman Devin Nunes echoed this point Sunday morning:

Biden’s campaign likely coming to an end — thanks to Clinton-linked Ukraine bombshell, Nunes says | Fox News Rep. Devin Nunes predicted on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that Joe Biden’s campaign is likely coming to an end — all because of newly resurfaced reports about his possible misconduct in Ukraine that “first originated back when Hillary Clinton was trying to make sure Biden didn’t get in the race.”

The top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee made the claim as The Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom poll showed Sen. Elizabeth Warren surging ahead of Biden as the first choice of 22 percent of the voters surveyed, while Biden was the first choice of 20 percent of the voters. Biden held a 9-point lead over Warren in the poll as recently as June.

Nunes, speaking to anchor Maria Bartiromo, said a whistleblower’s allegation that President Trump had acted inappropriately during a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will ultimately backfire, and shine a light on Biden’s own possible misconduct. CNN later acknowledged that the whistleblower had no first-hand knowledge of the call, and a top Ukrainian official on Saturday defended Trump’s actions.

If taking a shot at hurting the President means eliminating Biden in the process, it’s a fair trade to most in the media. They just don’t have the confidence in Biden that they had a couple of months ago.

This, more than anything else, is why Biden’s political career is over. This story is going to stay in the news and while it’s unlikely to do any damage at all to the President, it will sink the Democratic frontrunner.

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Culture and Religion

Stand against Marxism



Stand against Marxism

As you may have seen, there’s a conference coming up called Stand Against Marxism Conference. Fellow GKer Sam Jones and I will both be speaking at this conference, alongside a long list of speakers, including Trevor Loudon, Janet Mefferd, Judd Saul, Steve Deace, Jon Harris and JD Hall. This two day event will be jam-packed with information from these voices who have chosen to take a stand against the Cultural Marxist infiltration into the church.

There are at least two people that I know of that will be speaking at this conference that are not biblical Christians. One is flat out not a Christian, while the other is Catholic. So how can I be consistent in publicly confronting pastors like John MacArthur for speaking with those promoting a false Gospel when I choose to speak at this conference alongside a Catholic & a non-Christian?

For example, I wrote an article criticizing Pastor MacArthur being scheduled to speak at the NRB Convention. My criticism of him agreeing to speak there was that the premise of the convention was that everyone was unifying around furthering the Gospel. Thus, it’s a blanket endorsement of everyone’s Gospel who was speaking or exhibiting. Well, there were people like Rick Warren, Roma Downy & Mark Burnet, as well as TBN. Why would you agree to speak at an event that was stating for all to see that those people are furthering the Gospel? You see, there might be another context in which it would be ok to speak at the same event as those people. However, it couldn’t be when the premise was furthering the Gospel or some other unifying factor around serious doctrine that we disagree with.

So when it comes to the Stand Against Marxism Conference, am I being a hypocrite by speaking with a non-Christian and a Catholic? I do not believe so. Here’s why:

When Judd Saul asked me to be a part of this conference, I discussed this concern with him. We had a very good talk about it, and the thing that I came away with was that the unifying factor for this conference is combatting Cultural Marxism and Social Justice, which is intentionally infiltrating Christianity. However, this is not a strictly theological issue, although it is compromising the Gospel and the most dangerous threat to the Gospel in our lifetime.

This is a political ideology that is using religion to further its goals, and our own evangelical elite are falling for it hook, line and sinker. You see, the ultimate strategy behind the social justice movement is to usher in the one world religion, one world government and one world currency that we see talked about in Revelation. So what these non-Christian Globalists are doing is trying to use God’s own people for their evil plans. They’ve already infiltrated our government. They’ve already infiltrated the entertainment world. They’ve already infiltrated the education system. Now, the final stand is infiltrating religion. And the most influential religion in the most influential nation in the world is Christianity here in America.

Both non-Christians and Christians can be concerned with this strategy. Non-Christians see this as a communist/socialist attempt to overthrow our American way of life, taking away our freedoms and liberty given to us in the Constitution. Christians see this not only as a political overthrow, but as a flat out compromising of the Gospel, changing biblical theology just enough to motivate acceptance of Social Justice within our churches.

Think about it: Many of these Social Justice Warriors have eschatology that teaches them that they need to establish God’s Kingdom here on earth before Christ can return. So they are so concerned with overtaking politics, education, entertainment and business that they are accepting of these false beliefs of Social Justice, because they are trying to alleviate all of systemic oppression to clear the way for Christ’s return. However, really what’s happening is they have a belief system that is so sinister, that they think they are establishing Christ’s Kingdom, when in reality they are laying the groundwork for the anti-christ’s rule during the tribulation. This is the definition of the term: Useful Idiots.

So when it comes to the Stand Against Marxism Conference, the unifying principle is opposition to Marxism. Both Christians and non-Christians see that the church is the last stand against this sinister movement. If we lose this battle, that’s it. Our way of life is done.

When it comes to the majority of us who are Christians who will be speaking at this conference, we understand theologically and prophetically what is happening here. We understand that we have to take a stand for biblical truth. But we also have to remember that many of those who are on our side in this battle against Marxism are not saved and heading towards eternal punishment in hell. So it’s important that, while we are going to battle against Marxism alongside some that aren’t saved, we must preach the Gospel and not in any way compromise our beliefs. Many of those that are leading the way in this fight need to hear the Gospel themselves.

This is the perfect opportunity for many of us to be clear in our beliefs, but also point back to the necessity of the Gospel. We could win this war against Marxism, but many of those who helped us win are still going to hell. So what’s the point? For us as believers, we cannot get distracted with political battles. We can participate in them, yes. In fact, it’s a good thing to participate in them. But we have to remember our primary goal: Preach the Gospel and point everyone back to Christ.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

-Mark 8:36

To register for the Stand Against Marxism Conference, please visit We’ll see you there!

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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