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DOJ may pursue charges against former FBI official Andrew McCabe



Andrew McCabe may be in big trouble. The Department of Justice denied his last-minute plea to leave him alone as they prepare to file charges against the former Deputy Director of the FBI for lying to officials in the heat of the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

This report from CBS is biased, though not nearly as biased as the same reports on CNN or MSNBC. I chose to highlight this footage because it’s the closest to asking real questions about the incident. Is this politically motivated? Yes, but the hatred between McCabe and President Trump alone is not enough to pursue criminal charges. Only when real crimes are allegedly committed does the DoJ considering going this far with a former White House official, as we learned last week when they let former FBI Director James Comey off the hook.

The fact that they will likely make formal charges against McCabe tells us his crimes are demonstrable. Otherwise, moving forward would be a huge political mistake. In other words, McCabe seems to be in real trouble this time.

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