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Climate alarmism is irrational



There are two perspectives fighting against climate change alarmists, also known as most Democrats. One group is often called the “climate change deniers” as people who do not think man-made climate change is a real issue. The other doesn’t really have a name, but we’re classified as those who believe the climate is changing and we can do something about it, but we don’t need to change the world, tank economies, or stop eating meat to make things better.

I generally fall into the latter category. If I had control, we would work towards improving renewable energy technology to make it more cost effective than it is today. Our reliance on fossil fuels is necessary until we can come up with ways to harness wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen, and hydroelectric sources. But we can do something about it now with highly cost-effective nuclear energy. These are things that can be done over time. It doesn’t have to be done in a decade, or even two decades. We can gradually and systematically shift away from fossil fuels with a goal of being highly driven by renewable energy by the next century. This is realistic and does not require the drastic changes being pushed by climate change alarmists.

This video from PragerU highlights the way the alarmists are creeping us into radical change. They want us to be scared of the immediate future so we act in desperation, abandoning sound economic policy for the sake of exaggerated science.

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