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Remembering Jerry Nadler’s hypocrisy



Remembering Jerry Nadler's hypocrisy

Representative Jerry Nadler is arguably the most rambunctious of the Democratic leaders when it comes to impeaching President Trump. He’s leading a politically partisan charge against the President in hopes of scoring points in 2020 and helping Democrats win more elections, including the White House.

Of course, Nadler has been in Washington DC a very long time, and as such is very likely to have said things that can come back to bite him. Representative Mark Meadows pointed out one of those things as Nadler is clearly going against his own resolute stance from two decades ago.

One does not need a degree in political science to determine the tribal source of Nadler’s contradictions. It’s only good to remove partisanship when it hurts a Democrat in Nadler’s book. He’s a fraud and a joke, a poor excuse for leadership who deserves to be voted out of office at the next available election.

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