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Guns and Crime

Behind every proposed gun control law is a pathway to confiscations, bans, and infringement



Behind every proposed gun control law is a pathway to confiscations bans and unconstitutional infrin

I wish this was an example of beating on a dead horse. It seems that way considering how many articles we’ve posted in recent weeks about gun control, but we must keep making the arguments because this particular horse isn’t dead. It should be. The facts show gun control doesn’t work. More importantly, the Constitution shows gun control is illegal. But the specters of gun confiscations, firearm bans, and clear infringement keep rearing their ugly heads.

So, for the sake of not being too repetitive, I’ll keep this short. Here are the three major gun control proposals currently on the table and why they’re so abysmal.

Universal background checks

Background checks work. That’s why they’re currently on the books and why people like the alleged Odessa shooter had to hit the black market to acquire his firearms. There are risks involved with the way the law currently sits, but since they have not reached the status of being “universal,” they are currently an annoyance to lawful gun owners.

Fast-forward to the passage of universal background checks. Suddenly, it becomes illegal for me to loan a gun to a friend without running a background check first. And God forbid if I were to sell him the firearm. But there’s a much greater risk with universal background checks that goes beyond turning many law abiding citizens into supposed criminals.

UBCs are the stepping stone to a gun registry. This will happen. Those who say it won’t are delusional. One needs only look at the fact that UBCs would have prevented literally zero mass shootings to realize there must be an ulterior motive. That motive is a national gun registry, which is the precursor to gun confiscations. It has to be. By forcing current and future gun owners to register their firearms to “protect” the people, the government will have the information it needs to confiscate when that particular trigger is pulled.

Assault weapons bans

What is an “assault weapons”? It’s the question that has many answers, most of which attempt to diffuse the question. But there’s a very important reason why it’s so ambiguous, why the boogeyman of AR-15s is never identified as the near-totality of what the left wants to ban. It’s because they don’t want to limit themselves in the scope of what they can ban.

What about semi-automatic pistols? Magazines that hold more than 7 rounds? Scoped hunting rifles? The terminology used by the left is shifting from “assault weapons” to “military-style weapons” because the military uses semi-automatic pistols, magazines that hold more than 7 rounds, and scoped rifles.

In other words, going after “scary” guns like the AR-15 is not their endgame. They want a pathway to confiscate all of them.

Red flag gun laws

Criminals are people who break the law.

Red flag gun laws do no target criminals. They target potential criminals. It’s the pre-crime division from Minority Report in action without the psychics. The fictional psychics been replaced by precognitive judges.

The argument that keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill or temporarily dangerous is moot when we consider there are already ways for these people to be properly adjudicated and committed if necessary, relieving them of their firearms while still maintaining their right to due process. Red flag gun laws are a crutch to make it easier by eliminating due process, but doing so does much more harm to law abiding citizens than any possible good that can come from it.

As with UBCs and assault weapons bands, red flag gun laws are a way of adding to the gun-grabbers’ toolbox. Until they can ban them, they’ll find ways to confiscate them anyway.

If you don’t think the left wants your guns, you’re not paying attention. If you think there’s common sense in any of the proposed laws, you’re missing the point. Americans need to be made aware of the real motives behind these proposed new gun laws.

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