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President Trump makes an important promise ahead of the 2020 elections



President Trump makes an important promise ahead of the 2020 elections

During the first Democratic debate, candidates learned a hard lesson about what the American people really want when it comes to illegal immigration. There can be debates about amnesty, DREAMers, asylum rules, and building the wall, but as Democrats were met with feedback following the June debate regarding one illegal immigration topic, they scrambled to figure out how to elegantly reword their perspectives.

They were asked if they would offer full, free medical benefits to illegal immigrants. Everyone on stage agreed. The people watching, including the sensible moderates in the Democratic Party itself, scratched their collective heads.

If Americans are struggling to pay for their own health insurance thanks to the Democrats’ failure with Obamacare, why should we pay even more in taxes to give illegal immigrants free healthcare? It goes beyond the need for compassion and sparks a dangerous precedent that would exacerbate the border crisis and harm the economy dramatically. Lest we forget, emergency medical attention is already offered to everyone in America whether they’re here legally or not. But full coverage paid by American taxpayers isn’t being offered to citizens who need it. Why is it being given away to illegal immigrants by the Democrats.

President Trump has a different perspective.

2020 is, as always, an important presidential election, But it holds greater significance than the past because of the humongous divide between Republican and Democratic policy proposals. This is reason enough to vote red in 2020.

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