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Trump just does not get it, folks!



Trump just does not get it folks

I’ll try to keep this short but not so sweet. Donald Trump is not an effective Commander in Chief. Nor is he competent to be directing national security policy.

It is with no glee that I say this because America is stuck with Trump unless we want to sacrifice our future to a Democrat disaster. But God help us either way.

By now you’ve probably seen him bragging that he canceled secret meetings at Camp David with the Taliban. But that is missing the point. The issue is not why the meeting was canceled but why on God’s green earth he would ever have scheduled it in the first place.

He has already met with the Madman from Pyongyang. Not just once but twice.

*That we know of!*

Let that last comment sink in.

Lately he’s been floating thoughts about meeting the Iranian Supreme Leader who chants Death to America or his titular surrogate. That is beyond bizarre. It is both incomprehensible and reprehensible to even consider.

Think for a moment about the logistics of bringing Taliban terrorist leaders to Camp David. Perhaps a U.S. military aircraft or some kind or intelligence agency plane. Into Andrews AFB and then via Marine One helicopter? Or middle of the night motorcade?

These Taliban would undoubtedly be inadmissible to the United States absent the personal approval of President Trump himself. Were they going to bypass immigration clearances altogether? Or was some lowly CBP Officer going to have to put his or her stamp on a parole in whatever kind of travel document a Taliban terrorist might carry?

Even if he met them on Diego Garcia, it would have been despicable. But bringing them into historic Camp David is beyond incredulity.

So right now, folks, we have a no-win situation. Either Donald Trump gets re-elected and continues living in Trump La La Land and letting us all tag along for the ride.

Or, otherwise…

Well, you look at the Democrat contenders for yourself and finish that last sentence for me. That’s why we need the GOP Primary challenge that we all know is not going to happen.

Just as Sean Hannity and the media anointed Donald Trump as the nominee in 2016 as a self-fulfilling prophecy, even so now Republican primaries are being called off for 2020.

If there’s any hope at all, it rests upon knowledgeable people like National Security Advisor John Bolton. Telling the boss the truth will undoubtedly get him fired. Too bad General Mattis had to resign and then tell us in his memoirs how Donald Trump disrespects and disregards his key advisors.

I doubt that any of them has the gonads to do it but perhaps Bolton and even Pence need to bail out. If nothing gets Trump’s attention, then it needs to reach those who can head off an impending disaster of letting him continue in his own egotistical uninformed style.

As long as you keep kissing his okole, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. I fully understand this is going to offend the entire Republican Establishment. Good, that is intentional.

I don’t like saying I told you so that you picked the wrong nominee in 2016, and there will be no pleasure in saying so again in 2020. But it’s going to be even less fun if we have to suffer four or more years under wacko regressive policies because some Dem pulled off the upset.

If those of you who have Donald Trump’s ear refuse to be honest policy advisors of integrity, history will not be kind to you. If that means anything to you, you will do the right thing and speak the truth even if he cans you for it. If not, you be the one to explain it to your grandchildren.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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