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Sheriff Vern Warnke slams sanctuary laws after deputy is shot



Watch the video. It tells the whole story. Here’s my response:

Sanctuary laws, whether at the city, county, or state level, are not working the way they’re being billed by progressives. These laws were supposedly intended as an olive branch to Hispanic communities to increase cooperation with law enforcement, at least that’s how they were billed when the policies were first proposed. Today, the subterfuge of “better community relations” has been dropped and the truth is being revealed every day.

Sanctuary jurisdictions are protections so illegal immigrants are more difficult to deport. That’s it. There’s no relationship-building component. It’s 100% about keeping as many criminal illegal immigrants in the country as possible. This would be hard to believe if it weren’t for the fact that just about every radical progressive policy (AKA the new Democratic platform) is anti-American, anti-law-and-order, and anti-common-sense.

That sanctuary jurisdictions are on the rise despite indications crime against American citizens rise as a result should be all the evidence voters need in 2020 to evict as many Democrats as possible from the halls of government. Everyone from city council member to governors to members of Congress should either indicate they are opposed to sanctuary laws or they should be voted out at the next available opportunity.

It would be different if these cases were isolated, if a single deputy shot in the line of duty was all the evidence we had. But this isn’t isolated. It’s rampant. Montgomery County, Maryland, is becoming a haven for illegal alien rapists. And it isn’t just there. It’s happening everywhere as a rise in child sexual predators being apprehended near the border indicates many more are getting through undetected.

Sanctuary jurisdictions make American citizens less safe while protecting criminal illegal aliens from being properly escorted back to their home countries. In this post-truth society, the criminals are riding high and citizens are living in fear.

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