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Dinesh D’Souza: Gun confiscators are ‘coming out of the closet’ in ‘all-out assault’ on 2nd Amendment



Dinesh D’Sousa makes the point that the gun grabbers have finally admitted the obvious truth of their ultimate goal.

Pro-liberty patriots such as Colion Noir have been saying it for years the national socialist left has only one ‘solution’ to the problem they created, confiscate guns from the innocent.

As reported on CNS News, Dinesh D’Sousa made the same point on Fox News’s Laura Ingraham program recently:

At first, for many years, I thought that the NRA was kind of using, you may call it the ‘slippery slope’ argument, which was essentially that once you start outlawing one type of weapon, you will then slowly proceed to outlawing the next type and eventually it becomes a kind of a comprehensive confiscation.

But I think what’s interesting here is this isn’t even a slippery slope. It now appears like there’s a whole group of people that from the outset want a comprehensive ban, and these mass shootings are making them come out of the closet, you may say rhetorically, and be more and more frank and candid about what their real agenda is. It never was a kind of targeted or narrowly tailored law. It’s ultimately an all-out assault on the Second Amendment.

And let’s remember, too, Laura, that the Second Amendment is no less important than the First Amendment or the Fourth Amendment, so we should very jealously guard against these constitutional rights being stripped away based upon some sort of pretext. If you’re going to abuse your rights, the solution is not to take away my rights.

[Emphasis added]

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that he wants to ban magazines that hold “multiple bullets” — which means all magazines. Robert Francis O’Rourke has declared that he wants the government to ‘buy-back’ what is has never owned with money taken at gun point – rhetorically speaking. Senator Elizabeth Warren has also set out her own little gun confiscation plan with a ‘buy-back’ what the government never owned and a requirement to obtain permission from the government in order to exercise an inalienable human right.

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