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Smugglers instructing adult migrants to say they’re teenagers



Smugglers instructing adult migrants to say theyre teenagers

Customs and Border Protection officers made two separate apprehensions over the weekend in which 24-year-old Mexican men pretended to be 17-year-old Guatemalans. The men, who turned out to be brothers traveling separately, told border patrol they and others were being instructed by smugglers to claim they were teenagers. They were told if they could pass off as teens, they would be released into the United States interior.

This isn’t the first time illegal immigrants have been caught using our progressive rules regarding minors to their advantage. Smugglers have been buying or “renting” children whenever they can to pose as relatives of illegal aliens, some of whom are violent criminals. Lack of proper records in Central American nations makes it challenging to identify people, so when young adults claim to be teens, they have a chance of slipping through he system and getting into the United States more easily.

Yuma Sector BP Rescues Pregnant Woman, Two Men Claiming to be Children, and 10 other illegal aliens

Later that day at approximately 7:45 p.m., Yuma Station agents located two subjects west of Avenue B and near County 24th Street. One subject was unconscious and apparently suffering from heat exhaustion. The second subject, also suffering from heat exhaustion, initially claimed to be a 17-year-old juvenile, but through an investigation was determined to be a 24-year-old Mexican national. They were transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center by ambulance and treated before released to agents. Both subjects were processed for immigration violations.

The two 24-year-old men from Mexico in the above incidents were later found to be brothers who were traveling separately.  Both were instructed by a smuggler to make the false claim.

Children are being exploited at the border because of rules that were initially meant to protect them. These rules create loopholes illegal immigrants can use to gain access to the U.S. interior. We must address this immediately.

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